center-right doubts in Milan and Bologna, Pd-M5S agreement in Naples-

center-right doubts in Milan and Bologna, Pd-M5S agreement in Naples-
center-right doubts in Milan and Bologna, Pd-M5S agreement in Naples-

Although with difficulty, between primary and top leaders, the picture of candidates for mayor in the main cities called to vote in the autumn (from Turin to Milan, from Bologna to Naples via Rome) is being composed. Yesterday the center-left in Turin, through the vote in the gazebos, chose to focus on the pd Stefano Lo Russo. In Bologna the primaries will be held next Sunday, while the choices have been made elsewhere. In the center-right house, however, once the knot of the capital has been solved, with the indication of Enrico Michetti, two other important boxes remain to be filled, those of Milan and Bologna. But let’s see the situation at the moment, city by city.

In Turin

In Turin, as mentioned, the center-left primaries have crowned, albeit with a rather low number of voters (just over 11 thousand), the outgoing group leader of the Pd Stefano Lo Russo. Professor of Geology at the Polytechnic, 46 years old, considered one of the fiercest opponents of the M5S mayor Chiara Appendino (who is not re-nominating). For this reason, the hypothesis of an agreement with the 5 Stars is already rather unlikely, with the choice of Lo Russo it is considered impossible. Reason why in the next few days the 5 Star Movement will be called (but it is not known how) to choose its own candidate. The center-right, on the other hand, has decided to focus on Paolo Damilano, 56, an entrepreneur in the food & beverage sector.

In Milan

In Milan, the re-nomination of the outgoing mayor Beppe Sala, supported by the center-left, dates back to last December. The M5S has yet to decide how to move. At the central level, work is being done to find an agreement that will lead to support for Sala from the first round (this would be Giuseppe Conte’s intention). But the local resistance is very strong and it is preferred to focus on an Orthodox candidacy. Those who still sail in troubled waters the center-right. The attempt to convince former mayor Gabriele Albertini to get back on track has faded, now the leaders of the coalition have to choose a name from the deck. In the race remained Oscar di Montigny, Gian Vittorio Zuccotti, Maurizio Dallocchio and Maurizio Lupi. The final decision is expected within this week.

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