Mahmood, the statues of ‘Ghettolimpo’ invade Milan: Revenews

The statues of Ghettolimpo, Mahmood’s new album released on Friday 11 June, have invaded Milan. In every track of the album’s tracklist there is in fact […]

The statues of Ghettolimpo, the new album by Mahmood released on Friday 11 June, they invaded Milan. In every track of the album tracklist there is in fact the reference to a symbolism and to the story of a character.

Thanks to the collaboration with Spotify you can immerse yourself in the world of Ghettolimpo, populated by avatars designed by Mahmood that identify the various levels of his imagination. From Friday and for a week, in fact, it will be possible to search for the four life-size statues of Mahmood. The statues depict Inuyasha, Klan, Cobra e Fast and are located in the most representative areas of Milan.

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The installations are made in polyurethane polystyrene decorated and placed on an aluminum base. They are 2 meters high and 30 and will be located in the areas of the Duomo (via Orefici 2), Arco di Porta Ticinese (Piazza S. Eustorgio), Arco della Pace and Colonne di San Lorenzo. The project was conceived and produced by NEWU.

Author and singer esteemed in the Italian and international scene, after the excellent results achieved with Wasted Youth (platinum) and the worldwide success of Money (quadruple platinum disc) with which he won the 69th edition of the Sanremo Festival, Mahmood returns today with a new recording project, Ghettolimpo, also containing the traces Fast e Dorado.


Mahmood statues Ghettolimpo invade Milan Revenews

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