Italian Regions Cup: Lombardy wins in front of Emilia Romagna and Piedmont

Italian Regions Cup: Lombardy wins in front of Emilia Romagna and Piedmont
Italian Regions Cup: Lombardy wins in front of Emilia Romagna and Piedmont

In Asti the final act, it is a confirmation for the Lombard team since they also won in 2019, while last year the Cup was not disputed due to Covid

Italian Cup of the Regions in Asti, Lombardy wins. Behind him, a whirlwind of emotions. Piedmont seemed sure they could keep second place, but Emilia Romagna took home some matches that were decisive to overtake the hosts. The overtaking in favor of the Emiliano Romagnole orange jerseys was decided by the victory of gold in the women’s compound final of the field shooting, where Elisa Ricci overtook the Sicilian Noemi Vella 58-54. Piedmont then had the opportunity to return to second place with the last challenge of the competition program, the one for the Olympic gold bow of the field shooting, where however the athlete from Calabria Rocco Schipilliti overtook the archer of the Piedmont Andrea Tarullo 58-55. For the Piedmontese it is a silver that misses the 30 useful points to win the team silver and that instead allows Emilia Romagna to remain in second place by just one point behind. For Lombardy, the victory obtained is the sixth since 2002: now it finds itself only one victory away from Piedmont which still boasts the record of 7 victories in the roll of honor.

The final ranking

The ranking therefore reads Lombardy first with 10,822 points, Emilia Romagna second with 10,102, Piedmont third with 10,101, Tuscany fourth with 9,837, Lazio fifth with 9,585, Veneto sixth with 9,329, seventh Sicily with 8,719, eighth Friuli Venezia Giulia with 8,695, ninth Umbria with 8,637, tenth Trento with 8,570, eleventh Liguria with 8,495, twelfth Sardinia with 7,963, thirteenth Campania with 7,882, fourteenth Calabria with 7,705, fifteenth Puglia with 6,973, sixteenth Bolzano with 6,489, seventeenth Marche with 6,189, eighteenth Abruzzo with 5,247, nineteenth Valley D’Aosta with 4,988, twentieth Basilicata with 4,303 and twenty-first Molise with 1,539.

The other rankings

The general youth ranking awarded Lombardy with first place, followed on the podium by Tuscany and Trentino, while the ranking by Olympic and compound senior region reflects the general one: Lombardy is at the top of the podium, followed by Emilia Romagna and Piedmont. Finally, the ranking by regions of the field shooting rewards Emilia Romagna with first place, followed by Piedmont and Veneto.

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Italian Regions Cup Lombardy wins front Emilia Romagna Piedmont

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