Indian variant, two outbreaks in Brindisi and 8 cases awaiting confirmation. In Puglia 25 infected

Due distinct outbreaks and no links with foreign trips. There are two clusters of Indian variant traced a Brindisi, with 12 people certainly infected with the Sars-Cov-2 and 8 other cases awaiting confirmation. The first outbreak consists of 10 infected, nine from Birndisi and one from San Vito dei Normanni. Three of them ended up in intensive care. The other cluster concerns a man of 62 years old – deceased – and his gender, a fifty-year-old hospitalized in resuscitation. As the Bari edition of Republic, 8 other relatives tested positive for virus and theirs tampons They were sequenziati to find out if their infection is due to the same strain. None of the positives were vaccinated, except for one case but only with first dose.

Monday to Sunday, according to the portal CovidTrends, the province of Brindisi has registered 174 total infections of infection, with a regression compared to the week 31 May-6 June of 4%, a much lower percentage decrease compared to the other areas which all oscillate between 13 and 45 percent. Over the past few weeks in Puglia at least another ten cases of the Indian variant have been found, some in the province of Lecce and others in the north of Bari. In total, 25 people are certainly affected by the mutation that is worrying the UK between major transmissibility and suspected ability to ‘pierce’ some vaccines, at least if only one dose has been administered. According to the last one survey carried out byHigher Institute of Health – dated 28 May on cases notified up to 13 last month – the prevalence of Indian strains of the virus in Puglia was at1.1 percent, slightly above the national average of 1 percent.

In recent days, the director of the Zooprophylactic Institute of Puglia and Basilicata, Antonio Parisi, he explained to LaPresse that “there seems to be a upward trend of the cases of Indian variant, such as to suggest an overcoming of the English one that was found in Puglia last Christmas “. It should be considered, he added, that “if it is true that the Indian variant is very contagious, it is equally true that the population is more resistant thanks to vaccination campaign in place. In other words, the vaccine is able to offer coverage against the infection, especially after the administration of the second dose ”, he concludes. In recent days, the regional councilor for health, Pierluigi Lopalco, met with Parisi and the head of the Molecular Epidemiology laboratory of the Policlinico di Bari, Maria Chironna, to define an enhancement of the sequencing gods tampons trying to intercept the diffusion of variants with greater precision.

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