the Italian Federation ready to land in Milan?

the Italian Federation ready to land in Milan?
the Italian Federation ready to land in Milan?

The FIT, the Italian tennis federation, is still looking for a location far from Rome and is thinking seriously about Milan. The choice would have precise reasons, both economic and future opportunities. At the moment the Milanese capital is only one of the candidates but, according to what we have learned, it definitely travels in pole position

The new headquarters of FIT, Milan is a candidate

The need to enlarge the federal offices was also reiterated by Angelo Binaghi, president of the same Federation. The first time was even five years ago, although nothing has happened to date. For 15 years, the federal offices have been located inside the Olympic Stadium in Rome. Something that clashes, however, with what has been done by various regional committees, which have instead acquired their own headquarters for some time. It was 2016 when Angelo Binaghi had already visited (in his own words …) 7-8 palaces in the city of Rome. But, to date, nothing has happened.

From Paris to Milan, the FIT is ready for the big leap

Speaking on SuperTennis from Roland Garros, Angelo Binaghi did not hold back. Indeed, he raised. “When we think about a possible new headquarters of the Federation, it is correct to think about a structure, as happens here in France, which also hosts the technical sector, not only the offices of the Federation – si lay no quotes from the FIT siteor as it happens in America, which is not only an avant-garde venue from all points of view but which can also host tournaments of any level. This is something we have been thinking about for some time. Unfortunately, however, the thousand things we have to do do not allow us to dedicate all the time that would be needed. Also because it is something that must be done over a period of several years. So you won’t see it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but we are necessarily thinking about it “.

New headquarters far from Rome for Italian tennis

Angelo Binaghi made it clear that the new headquarters could also be far from Rome. “I don’t know which part of Italy will be most suitable to host such a development ». The current one is defined by Binaghi as a seat shabby, even if three years ago, on 30 July 2018, an investigation had actually been launched to locate a new location. The requirements? 3,200 square meters, of which 2,800 for offices and 400 for television studios. In that case, the search was limited to the Municipality of Rome only, with preference for fine properties, in elegant areas and near the Foro Italico.

An income of no small importance

The headquarters of the Italian tennis federation would provide an income from 200 jobs and at least 50 parking spaces, as well as 20 spaces for motorcycles. To date, the latest document published is the budget for 2020. The final balance for 2020 is not yet available, as well as the budget for 2021. But there are no traces related to new calls to date. Milan fits into this picture and has spaces like this, currently empty and still, to sell. There are those who hypothesize the Expo area and who, on the other hand, would see the old fair of Rho well once the need for vaccines is over (today it is one of the hubs of the city). With the support of the Lombard committee, located in via Piranesi, the research continues.

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