“I think she is alive and I have identified her. He also has a daughter “

“I think she is alive and I have identified her. He also has a daughter “
“I think she is alive and I have identified her. He also has a daughter “

«Denise Pipitone she is alive and I have identified her ». TO Italian stories l’ex pm Maria Angioni he releases a ‘bombshell’ statement live that opens a new path and rekindles hopes. Angioni has dealt with the case in the past and took to heart the story of the child who disappeared in Mazara Del Vallo 17 years ago. He continued to investigate even without a formal assignment and has now brought new elements to the table of the Prosecutor’s Office and of Piera Maggio’s lawyer. Denise would now be a woman and she would also have a daughter.

Denise Pipitone, new witness: “The woman in the video is my aunt, here’s what I saw in the Roma camp”

The former prosecutor has always been sure that the child had survived. In connection with the transmission conducted by Eleonora, Daniele reveals that he has found her and now fears for her safety and emotional well-being. «The only thing I’m afraid of is the loss of serenity of a family unit. The first important thing is to preserve the psychophysical balance of the people involved », Angioni reiterates several times.

Going into the details of the investigation, he explains: «Thanks to two people I have identified a person who it could be Denise and I found out she has a daughter“. As the former prosecutor points out, this is a hypothesis to be verified very quickly, although she is certain that she has solved the mystery. Denise’s mom, Piera Maggio, is aware of everything. “I sent everything to the prosecutor and his lawyer Frazzitta.” The woman she thinks is Denise is fine and happy, but she doesn’t know anything yet. «The situation is difficult to control. He’s not with the members of the extended family I’ve always talked about, but we got there by continuing that thought. I cannot say anything else, otherwise I would do damage. What I have verified now confirms what I have always thought. Now I fear for his physical safety and the serenity of his family where he is now inserted. That person does not know that she is a kidnapped child and her husband does not know. ‘ To Eleonora Daniele’s question about the possibility of her being in Italy, she replies: «We found her in a very peaceful and international context. There is no violation of the secret because it is my reconstruction ».


alive identified daughter

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