Delta variant, how widespread is it in Italy and how are we protecting ourselves?

Delta variant, how widespread is it in Italy and how are we protecting ourselves?
Delta variant, how widespread is it in Italy and how are we protecting ourselves?

The picture of infections in our country sees a very low presence of the so-called Delta variant, below the 1% threshold according to the data confirmed by the spokesman of the Technical Scientific Committee Silvio Brusaferro. It is an established fact, however, that that number deserves to be read in the context of a limited capacity of our system to sequence denounced several times and in unison by observers. If you are looking for a little you will find little, simplifying the speech as much as possible.

For four weeks, Great Britain has again been in a phase of exponential growth in infections, with a doubling time of about seven days, even if the figure is not yet significantly reflected in the deaths. There, the genetic analyzes made with numbers incomparably higher than ours link the resurgence of cases to the “former Indian”.


Quarantine hypothesis for arrivals from the United Kingdom

From one end of the world to the other, everything possible is being tried to run for cover and no one is hiding the pitfalls of a scenario in which the most feared mutation takes hold. As announced by Prime Minister Draghi, a swab is expected for those who enter Italy, if instead the infections begin to increase again, the quarantine will be reintroduced for those arriving from Great Britain. It is a first level of protection that at the moment does not imply a rethinking of the openings in relation to the risk represented by the Delta variant, “but you must be ready to react in a timely manner”.

Bassetti: sequencing all new cases

“The English situation must worry because we must monitor and ensure that there are no Indian variant clusters, we need careful surveillance that with the current Italian numbers (1.000-1.500 positive) we can sequence all the new infections and check if there is the variant “. For Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, “in Italy we have chosen a slightly different vaccination strategy from the United Kingdom, where they shortened the period between first and second dose. What is happening in the UK, with the increase in cases linked to the Indian variant, is linked on the one hand to the fact that most of the population is vaccinated with a single dose and then that some have postponed the second dose by a lot. This variant is however, let us remember, covered by the vaccines we are using ».

We prevail the Alpha variant

In the Italian context, in which the vaccination campaign is accelerating even if it has not yet reached sufficient coverage, the spread of variants with greater transmissibility can have a significant impact. For this reason, the experts say it is right to continue to monitor with great attention, in line with national and international recommendations and with ministerial indications, the spread of the variants of SARS-CoV-2 themselves.


Delta variant widespread Italy protecting

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