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dirty and abandoned – Time
dirty and abandoned – Time

Giada Oricchio

June 14, 2021

At “Coffee Break”, Monday 14 June, the journalist Alan Friedman acts as Barbara d’Urso and serves a hot “caffeuccio” to the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi: “Anyone is better than her”.

Andrea Pancani, presenter of the morning political study “Coffee Break” on LA7, closes the show asking his guests for an opinion on the race for the Capitol. Alan Friedman, American journalist and writer transplanted to Italy, scratches the mayor of the 5 Star Movement who a year ago, amidst the skepticism of his own Movement, announced his reappointment for the second term: “Rome is a disaster, there is no need to be Italian to see that under the Rays is a dirty, disorderly, abandoned city. Rome deserves much more because it is a world city, it is a shame for how it is reduced under the Rays. Anyone after her would be better! ”.

A judgment so harsh and severe that it makes Pancani jump: “Indeed!” and Friedman: “Yes, you choose, Michetti, Gualtieri, Calenda, whoever would be better than the current mayor. And if you ask me for an opinion, not a political one, because I don’t take sides in the elections in Rome, but as a person who knows the protagonists, for me Carlo Calenda should win because he is the most serious, he has the most dedication, he is pragmatic … and for this very reason will not win “. Pancani closed by underlining: “Well, you gave him a nice endorsement”.

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