DENISE PIPITONE, PM ANGIONI “IS ALIVE, I ‘FOUND’ ‘” / “I understand everything, now investigate”

DENISE PIPITONE, PM ANGIONI “IS ALIVE, I ‘FOUND’ ‘” / “I understand everything, now investigate”
DENISE PIPITONE, PM ANGIONI “IS ALIVE, I ‘FOUND’ ‘” / “I understand everything, now investigate”

The statements made are truly surprising from the former prosecutor, Angioni, on the case of Denise Pipitone. Live on Storie Italiane revealed that the girl is alive and well and also has a daughter. The prosecutor himself reported it to those in charge and now the results of the investigations will be awaited: “I found it with the help of a person in a very serene context, an international context. I have been a hitter in recent months, now the hunters are needed but without harming anyone. I sent everything to the lawyer Frazzita – he continued on live television – to the public prosecutor’s office, they will be the ones who have to work, but citizens must not stop giving them directions, I do not want to be crucified, the citizen’s task is precisely this , even if it was tiring, I tried to fulfill a duty and I faced great hardships ”.

Then Dr. Angioni added: “When people understand that the situation has been understood, only then will they deem it appropriate and necessary to go and talk to the investigators, is a big scam against Piera Maggio, it is appropriate that we no longer continue along this line and that we go and tell how things are going. If anyone wants to preserve Denise’s family unit, they better go talk. I understood everything and I gave the tools to understand everything. These people say why they should risk thirty years in jail since they are all happy, they should go to a good lawyer and tell it as it is. I am not worried about Denise’s living conditions ”. So the appeal: “They have to hurry”. It’s still: “Denise must absolutely be sought alive, it is advisable for someone to speak to prevent the state from intervening, inevitably causing injuries, it is advisable to go to the lawyers to unravel this affair ”. (update by Davide Giancristofaro)


L’ex pm Angioni, who has been investigating the case of Denise Pipitone, was interviewed this morning by Italian stories, live on Rai Uno. Eleonora Daniele has pressed the former investigator about the latest events on the case, read the young Roma who allegedly identified the woman in the famous Denise sighting video from Milan, a few months after the disappearance of the little girl from Mazara del Vallo: “This girl showed me some photos a few days ago and I advised her to go to the carabinieri, she was very sure of the connection with the Denise case and therefore the only thing to do was to speak with the lawyer Frazzitta and make a report with the carabinieri ”.

Likely reporting? It is not for me to say – he continued – it will be up to the police to evaluate it. There is a positive aspect, life within Roma families is permeable, there are people who have the courage to tell and this is inclusion, solidarity and dialogue. I don’t know if those people are really connected to Denise’s case, but Mariana (the girl from the report) has taken a great responsibility then what will be, will be ”.


Dr. Angioni continued: “I think Mariana will have given some details that he can’t give to TV, it’s detective work. People who have seen the photos that are circulating of this person, could lend a hand and also go to give directions to the prosecutor, carabinieri, lawyer. The photo has now been published so it may be easier to find out, I would advise the lady herself to show up to tell if it has something to do with it or not”.

The former prosecutor continued: “Mariana showed me a photo of this person with Denise’s photo nearby, asking me if I saw similarities and I replied a few things, saying that if she had the certainty of the report, to report everything immediately to the carabinieri. The lady in the Milan video, on the other hand, if she has something to explain, she has to talk, it’s her right ”. Angioni added, dropping the bomb: “Denise Pipitone does not necessarily belong to a Roma family, she must be looked for in so-called non-inspectable environments. We do not know if the lady in the Milan video is a Roma, I am sure she is alive, in the past few days I have sent reports, documents and photos, transmitted to the public prosecutor’s office, about a girl who could be Denise who is alive and also a daughter. I have the personal certainty that it is alive“.


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