Dump in Rome, Raggi brings up Tolfa and Cerveteri: immediately raised shields from the territory

Dump in Rome, Raggi brings up Tolfa and Cerveteri: immediately raised shields from the territory
Dump in Rome, Raggi brings up Tolfa and Cerveteri: immediately raised shields from the territory

Here we go again. Despite the obligations deriving from the recently approved regional waste management plan, which provides for a landfill for Rome on a site within the territorial boundaries of the capital, despite everything that has happened in recent years, the Raggi persists.

To err Umana, continue to, the Latins said.

Evidently he considers it a fundamental point for his re-election as Mayor, forgetting that as a “Metropolitan Mayor” he has the political and moral responsibility of all the inhabitants of the metropolitan area.


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TOLFA – “The Rays absolutely desist from bringing the waste here to Tolfa: our territory is not touched”. This is how the mayor of Tolfa, Luigi Landi, after having felt anger, disappointment and bewilderment yesterday morning because, while reading the various newspapers, he found in the Rome chronicle of a national newspaper the news of the nefarious proposal of the mayor Virginia Raggi, the which proposed to create the Rome landfill in Tolfa or Cerveteri.

“First of all, I hope that the news is not true: the Corriere della Sera, in fact, yesterday reported the news that the Metropolitan City would have indicated among the sites suitable for hosting a landfill also in the territory of Tolfa to solve the waste crisis in Rome – thunders from the hill the mayor Luigi Landi – the Municipality of Tolfa, which has learned the news from the newspapers, declares itself absolutely opposed to any type of landfill hypothesis on its territory and from the next few hours it will mobilize in all the offices to avoid such eventuality “. It is not clear – continues Landi – how in an area almost completely bound to a special protection area someone could think of building a landfill for the City of Rome. Instead of landfills – concludes Landi – it is time that funds for the environment, rural areas and biological activities arrive on our territory. The Councilor for Culture Tomasa Pala is also furious: “It is an absurd and unacceptable hypothesis to which we respond with a sharp and unanimous” no “with no ifs and buts. We are doing everything to promote tourism in our territory and with extreme determination we want to continue to promote our territory with diametrically opposed policies and initiatives, linked to the key principles of the 2030 Agenda, to sustainable development, to the spread of organic crops, to the protection of biodiversity and policies aimed at promoting renewable sources. Our beautiful and appreciated territory deserves the utmost care, protection and scrupulous attention without ever letting our guard down “.

In this regard, the regional councilor Marietta Tidei (IV) immediately intervened: “This territory has already given, here cannot be born the new landfill of the Municipality of Rome. Even just the hypothesis that in the territories between Tolfa, Allumiere and Cerveteri the new landfill of the Municipality of Rome could be built deserves a clear rejection. If what was reported in the press were true, regarding the evaluation for the construction of a site in these areas, it would be necessary to reject this solution immediately. In the first instance, because with the Civitavecchia landfill which has already been the disposal site for Rome’s waste since July 2019, this quadrant is already paying a very high price to the inability of the Giunta Raggi. Rome is the capital of Italy, its decorum and its image in the world must interest everyone and the province over the years has behaved generously but the pentastellata administration cannot continue to think about solving its problems by downloading them on the rest. of the province. The Rays can, and must, manage them within the territory of Rome. This territory has already given and the areas mentioned in the article must strengthen the tourist and naturalistic vocation that distinguishes them. We must work for an economy of these territories that is sustainable and that knows how to treasure the enormous natural heritage at its disposal. We will take action in all locations to avoid this hypothesis ”. Lazio councilor Marietta Tidei (Italia Viva) then concludes: “In Rome, in these five years, not only has nothing been done to promote and enhance separate waste collection, but nothing has been done to plan waste management either. , making the city live in constant emergency, passing on the costs of a bankruptcy management on the citizens and on the rest of the province the possible construction of a new landfill ”.

The regional councilor Emiliano Minucci contacted the other regional councilors of the territory Gino De Paolis, Marietta Tidei and Devid Porrello to take stock of the situation together and try to understand if this is true or is it a fake news. “I hope it is only an indiscretion of the newspaper since in the article they write” It is rumored “, but there are no official documents to testify to what has been said. We will try to investigate and understand the situation and all together, we elected in this territory, will verify the validity of the news. If the proposal made by Raggi corresponds to the truth, then we will not stand by and we will mobilize. My firm point is that we clearly reject Rome’s desire to dump its problems in the areas of the Metropolitan area. Rome is a capital with a large territory and therefore has spaces to create the landfill in its borders without the need to come and deface our areas. We firmly believe that the municipalities of the province must not become the lightning rod of Rome. Among other things, the Rays goes out of his competence. I say this clearly out of the blue: we don’t want any landfill in our territory ”.

For his part, the regional councilor Gino De Paolis, who has always been at the forefront against waste in the area, explains: “I hope this is not true, because it would be really unbearable to think that once again such important news is learned from the newspapers and not speak in the appropriate places and that we councilors are the last to know. What is certain is that I have been fighting for years to avoid the jattura of the construction of a landfill in our territory and I will continue to be at the forefront of the battle against Rome in this sense. La Raggi and her administration cannot continue to think about this area just to solve their own problems. Ours is an exceptional territory and yet every time it is taken into consideration only for nefarious hypotheses. As I repeat I hope it is unfounded news, but it is certainly better to stay on guard and prepare for battle. As I have always done I will continue to say my net “no” to the landfill in the area. Among other things, we have always worked for the waste plan and at this moment there is a bill under discussion for the Optimal Territorial Areas and there too we will fight our battle. I repeat it loud and clear: Rome must assume its responsibilities, our territory is not touched. On Monday in the Region I will investigate the situation ”.

The councilor of the 5 Star Movement Devid Porrello is also thrilled, who underlines: “This news is almost certainly unfounded, but we are on the chivalà and we will verify its veracity on Monday morning: the only certain thing is that at the moment there are no were confrontations neither with the majority nor with the regional councilor and therefore the news of the Corriere seems illogical. Among other things, the proposed law to define the managing bodies of the Territorial Areas of waste is under discussion and we want to make a clear opposition to Rome’s desire to bring waste to the territory. I reiterate that my position has always been a clear no to these proposals, because we cannot think of solving the problems of Rome outside the territory of Rome ”.

Clearly no to the proposal of the Raggi by the regional councilor of the Lega, Daniele Giannini: ”The Raggi would be thinking of Tolfa following the updating of the maps of the metropolitan city after the approval of the regional landscape plan. For her, forgetting that she is also the mayor of the Metropolitan city, the territory of the province of Rome represents only a space where to throw waste. The Rays carries out a very particular method that each time alarms mayors, councilors, councilors and entire communities. The Raggi-Zingaretti duo deserves the commissioner for having governed without ever reaching concrete solutions for citizenship. This is why I intend to submit a question to the regional council in defense of the territory: Tolfa, Magliano Romano and Guidonia will always be able to count on my commitment and that of the League “.

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