SAVE THE DATE: Presentation of the SIPROIMI / SAI Report 2020 – 18/06/2021

Milan, June 14, 2021
Prot. n. 1257/2021

Circular 420/2021

To the Lords
Competent councilors
Municipal secretaries
Sector managers
Bodies ANCI Lombardia

Subject: SAVE THE DATE: Presentation of the SIPROIMI / SAI Report 2020 – 18/06/2021.

We inform you that the online presentation of the SIPROIMI / SAI Annual Report will be held on 18 June from 9:30 to 11:00, on the occasion of World Refugee Day.

The Report illustrates the presence of applicants, holders of international protection and unaccompanied foreign minors received in the Reception and Integration System, and the services guaranteed to them by the Municipalities and other local bodies of the SAI network. The data referring to 2020 highlight the characteristics of the System and its ability to redefine intervention strategies and methodologies in an extraordinary year.

The meeting will be attended by: Matteo Biffoni, Mayor of Prato and ANCI delegate for immigration and integration policies, Veronica Nicotra, ANCI Secretary General, Virginia Costa, Head of the SAI Central Service, and Marco Catarci, Full Professor of Intercultural Pedagogy of the Roma Tre University.

The Minister of the Interior, Prefect Luciana Lamorgese was also invited.
Attached, we send the program of the presentation with the link for the connection.


Guido Agostoni – President
Anna Meraviglia – Coordinator
Department of Welfare – Immigration – Health – Disability – Housing Policies – Equal Opportunities of Anci Lombardia


SAVE DATE Presentation SIPROIMI SAI Report

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