Italy, Jorginho studies Pirlo and Xavi: “I want to experience other great emotions”

Italy, Jorginho studies Pirlo and Xavi: “I want to experience other great emotions”
Italy, Jorginho studies Pirlo and Xavi: “I want to experience other great emotions”

On 29 May he became champion of Europe. With the Chesea won the Champions. Now, with the national team, he is aiming for an encore, in just over 40 days. Jorginho, leader and director of Italy, think big. «Porto’s success was really great. It is difficult to find words to describe it. To understand, you have to live those moments. I came to the national team even more hungry to win: I would like to feel those emotions in blue. This group looks like Chelsea: it’s wonderful, they want to show. Experts like young people: we all want to achieve something important. to the most experienced to the youngest. Everyone wants to do something important. It doesn’t matter who goes on the pitch because everyone has the characteristics to play in this football philosophy, more important than those who play is the philosophy: we want the ball, find spaces, move forward ».

Already on Wednesday, the second round is won with the victory. The midfielder, however, slows down: «We have to be careful. We watched the game: the Switzerland they are an excellent team: they know how to play, they are organized and have had the same coach for years. He has experienced players ». But at the same time the enthusiasm of these hours is kept strong: «Winning is beautiful, it is right to be happy for success. It is a difficult competition, I have not seen anything excessive about the celebrations of the first victory. The national team will never lose humility and the hunger to win. I don’t see anything wrong with celebrating. We work hard for that. Joy and work straight away: having reached your goal, he knows that the next race, however, is increasingly difficult. And it will be more and more when you go forward in a tournament ».


Jorginho speaks on the pitch, his teammates listen to him. “I talk a lot, it’s true. I try to help everyone. There are many great players with strong personalities. We must all be available. From me to Chiellini, Bonucci, Badge, Verratti, Immobile e Donnarumma. We can all add and help, the group is of quality and represents Italy well. I try to put others in a position to attack. I never play trivial games ». From Brazil to Italy, the director recounts his journey: «As a child I watched Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kakà. At 13 I met a coach who put me further behind, in front of the defense. So I started studying Pirlo and Xavi. Champions. They are my models. Watching them play I was inspired by them: I have to tell them about my role as models. I thank zsempre my coaches: The credit goes to everyone I met. From Berretti, when I arrived in Italy, then in C2 with Valigi, then Mandorlini, then at Napoli with Benitez and with Sarri and with him also at Chelsea with him. I have always tried to learn from all of them ».

He is great with the other holders of Mancini’s midfield: «Barella resembles Kantè in terms of characteristics. They have physical power, they run for everyone and cover a lot of the field. They give me a big hand when it comes to recovering balls. I hope to see Verratti by my side soon. By now we know each other well. It can give so much to Italy. It has character and quality “


Just the stop of Verratti, just out of convalescence, pushes him to explain how the players live each season: «There are many matches, one after the other. You can’t even train with so many close matches. Recovery and games: many injuries come from that. The situation has to be faced, whoever manages football should give us a hand ». And the drama experienced by Erisken and Denmark could also enter into the same speech: «I felt a lot of success yesterday: at that moment I was thinking about my teammates, the fans, his wife who was there. On behalf of all of us, I wish Eriksen and her family a big good luck. I tell him to be strong. We never talk about the work of those who are behind the scenes, but in this story it was a matter of course. How much the passion of the fans ».

Scoreboard Turkey-Italy, Immobile is the eagle, Spinazzola is a velocipede. Calhanoglu non-existent

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