the mother recognized by the walk

the mother recognized by the walk
the mother recognized by the walk

The mother recognized by the “walk”. Here are the first photos (attached to the investigation documents) of Shabbar Abbas, 44, and his wife Nazia Shaheen, 48, together. They are Saman’s parents at Malpensa airport. It is May 1st and they are about to take off for Pakistan. The daughter was killed a few hours earlier and they organized the escape, with plane tickets purchased on April 26 by the Danish uncle Hasnain, the man accused of having materially killed the girl.

The carabinieri have acquired these images as soon as he learned of Saman’s disappearance (on May 3), asking the Polaria of Malpensa which sent them shortly after the request of the Novellara investigators. There was initially the doubt that the woman was Saman, perhaps forced from the Abbas clan.

But then the carabinieri showed these images (aired in preview by the Emilia-Romagna regional Tg3) to those who knew the Pakistani family. And the mother Nazia was recognized by the posture of the walk. At that point the investigation for kidnapping began. But the doubt that the scenario was even worse was materializing among the investigators.

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