“Something never seen before, it’s not normal”: what happened to Camilla?

“Something never seen before, it’s not normal”: what happened to Camilla?
“Something never seen before, it’s not normal”: what happened to Camilla?

Next Tuesday the prosecutor of Genoa, which is coordinating the investigations of the Nas carabinieri to shed light on the death of Camilla Canepa, the 18-year-old who died at the San Martino hospital after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, will instruct the Pavia coroner Luca Tajana to perform an autopsy on the young woman’s body. According to the latest revelations, the girl suffered from familial autoimmune thrombocytopenia, a chronic lack of platelets. The family lawyer, the lawyer Angelo Paone, however, would have spoken on behalf of the parents, asserting that “Camilla had no disease ”.

Camilla’s ordeal

The head of neurosurgery who operated Camilla at San Martino in Genoa is Gianluigi Zona, director of the neurosurgical and neurotraumatological clinic of the Polyclinic, who speaking to La Stampa, admitted: “I had never seen a brain reduced in those conditions by such an extensive and severe thrombosis.” Camilla had been transferred from the Lavagna hospital, and had arrived at the Polyclinic last Sunday at five and six minutes. In the hospital of Lavagna they had made two scans. The first had not highlighted anything and the young woman had been sent home. The second test had diagnosed one instead thrombosis in progress, and his clinical situation was already compromised by that point. Should you have seen something with the first CT scan? “Thinking in retrospect, everything is easy and everyone is world champion, the last doctor to visit a patient is always the most intelligent. A CT scan does not directly evidence a thrombosis even if there are very indirect signs. They are early signs and you need a very expert eye to grasp them, but they can be grasped before the presence of blood “ Zona explained.

The chief physician who operated on her: “Something not normal”

With the second CT scan, and the appearance of blood, thrombosis was now evident and “At that point we speak of hemorrhagic infarction: the blood does not flow and is transferred into the brain. I cannot judge what could have already been grasped in the first Tac: it never made it to San Martino. Normally, if there are no clues that lead to hypothesize something serious in progress, no doctor in the emergency room prescribes a CT scan with contrast or other tests “. When Camilla arrives at San Martino, the neurosurgeon Alessandro D’Andrea is on duty who calls the head physician in the operating room: “We opted for a decompressive craniotomy, the skull opened to relieve internal pressure.” In fact, the blood was unable to flow and was impregnating the brain. Zona admitted that he has never seen such a situation: “All of the venous sinuses were blocked with thrombus, a scenario I did not have never seen in many years of this profession. You have to imagine the venous sinus as the river in the center of a valley in which several streams converge. If a dam is built at the center of the watercourse, the river swells and at that point the tributaries are unable to discharge, with the result that the upstream pressure rises “. Finally, the surgeon stressed that he was neither a virologist, nor an epidemiologist or a coroner but that, from what he saw, “We are faced with something not normal”.


normal happened Camilla

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