what ended up on our tables – Libero Quotidiano

what ended up on our tables – Libero Quotidiano
what ended up on our tables – Libero Quotidiano

A little bit of chlorophyll and waste oils, sweetened and then recolored, bottled in transparent bottles and passed through Evo oil (extra virgin) just produced. But the doubt that there was something illegal came to the carabinieri of the Nas of Rome and of the competent territorial weapon who together with the financiers of the provincial command of Rome – III Metropolitan operational unit and company of Frascati, the latter for the aspects connected to the crimes tax and financial, have implemented a search decree issued by the Public Prosecutor of Rome towards 3 people and as many commercial activities in the context of combating trade fraud in the food sophistication sector.

Tarocco oil was then sold to restaurants, pizzerias and bakeries in the capital. During the operations one of the suspects was arrested for “aggravated theft of electricity” and seized hundreds of liters of seed oil and tens of kilograms of food (of various types). Also found some cocaine, in addition to 1,500 euros in cash, a person was reported on the loose for “possession of narcotic substances” and were seized dozens of counterfeit labels and various evidence documents.

The oil and in particular the extra virgin olive oil, is one of the most counterfeited Italian products. To avoid scams, just read the label carefully. “Coldiretti, at the forefront against fraud, but also producers who are not members of the association, will never tire of saying it. Quality oils cost money. Be wary of products under 6/7 euros per liter. For us Italians, extra virgin olive oil is a serious matter “, says the Time.

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ended tables Libero Quotidiano

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