Orders in smoke and tensions with the Emirates. Here is the damage of Di Maio at the helm of Foreign Affairs

Orders in smoke and tensions with the Emirates. Here is the damage of Di Maio at the helm of Foreign Affairs
Orders in smoke and tensions with the Emirates. Here is the damage of Di Maio at the helm of Foreign Affairs

The bankruptcy foreign policy of Minister Luigi Di Maio is creating many problems for Italian companies linked to the defense sector. Some businesses are losing major contracts.

The latest case is that of an Italian company which was denied a 40 million euro contract with Egypt for which there was already a green light for Defense. The owner of the Farnesina dictates the good and bad weather in this sector. This is because the law allows it.

Thus the friends of the 5 stars, according to what various companies say, see anything going on. The others, with the excuse of the hard line on the Regeni and Zaki cases, remain with a handful of flies in hand.

«On the rules that regulate the export of defense armaments or materials – explains the former Chief of Staff of the Air Force, General Leonardo Tricarico – both I and other 3-4 experts on the subject have expressed themselves on a technical level. On some things we all agree: it must be taken away from a middle-level foreign ministry official, who is the one who physically signs the authorizations and decisions, as it seems, of a single minister ». Because, the general continues, “Di Maio in solitude cannot arrogate the right to condition national interests which are not only those of foreign policy, but the synthesis of a whole series of interlocutions that also compete with other political and government sectors “. The general clarifies: “We have agreed that with a view to a reconsideration of these norms, an association called Cisd, an inter-ministerial committee to which all authorizations must refer, should be reintroduced into law 185/90, because it is a committee of ministers and there certainly the national interest can be materialized more than it is today. The law is no longer current, it was born thirty years ago in totally different conditions and therefore needs to be reviewed today ”. What is the real problem? “Italy – concludes Tricarico – is paying dearly for the apprenticeship of a totally inexperienced ruling class”.

Meanwhile, the Defense is trying to understand how to resolve the complex situation created with the Arab Emirates after the ban on flying over the airspace imposed on a military aircraft carrying 42 journalists headed for Afghanistan.

The day before yesterday Dubai invited the Italians to leave the logistics base of al Minhad. “Everyone envied it – explains Salvatore Tafuro, RI president of Trepuzzi who built the base and inaugurated it 4 years ago in the presence of the then Chief of Staff of the AM, General Enzo Vecciarelli – especially for how it was built, with an eye on ecology and greenery. It cost about 5 million euros. Now we have to understand whether we will have to take the materials away or leave them to our hosts as we did for the Farah fob in Afghanistan ». At the moment it is difficult for the Italian logistical node to be transferred to Kuwait, where the Defense has already brought two bases together. The possible solutions are under consideration of the vertices. After the arms embargo wanted by Di Maio, the Emiratis feel like a dog whose tail has been stepped on.

Obviously they respond like this. Perhaps, in addition to the laws, the minister should also be changed.

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