Sara Pedri disappeared in Trentino, her sister: “Terrified by the job: please go to the bottom”

Sara Pedri disappeared in Trentino, her sister: “Terrified by the job: please go to the bottom”
Sara Pedri disappeared in Trentino, her sister: “Terrified by the job: please go to the bottom”

No one brings it back to me anymore, but I hope to be able to stir consciences by telling this story, because silence leads nowhere. I hope Sara’s story can save the lives of many other people before another catastrophe occurs. After three months of unspeakable pain, Emanuela Pedri, sister of Sara, the 31-year-old gynecologist from Forl who passed away on 4 March in Cles, Trentino, found the strength to push back her tears and put the spotlight on this dramatic story.

Emanuela, how was your sister lately? She was paralyzed with terror and in the morning she woke up with anxiety because she did not want to go to that place (the gynecology department of the hospital of Santa Chiara in Trento, ed). My sister has had an inversion, which has occurred on a business and not a personal level, because she has a boyfriend and a family who love her. Her colleagues told us the same things she told us: grueling shifts, abuses of power, constant threats.

From what signs had he perceived his discomfort? We have seen very little Sara in the three and a half months I was in Trento, because I only managed to bring her home in the last week of February, when I really realized what she was experiencing, even though I had already realized that there is it was a major difficulty, because we often spoke. She, who has always had a very shrill tone of voice, began to whisper. He did not sleep at night and no longer ate.

And when will Sara return home to Forl? Sara was used to changes, distance and loneliness: she had experienced the first lockdown in Catanzaro (where she was following her specialization, ed). She was lively and always active. He has achieved important goals, without ever complaining. When she got home in late February, we saw a wasted person with a thin face. She was paralyzed with terror: she was trembling, she bit her nails to the skin, she had hives. I am convinced that my sister fell ill with burn-out. Screams, tears and terror: her colleagues were the greatest and the best witness, they too are victims of a nightmare.

Sara was not expected to start working in Trento in mid-November. She should have entered service in Cles, where she had rented an apartment near the hospital, but was instead sent to Trento without notice. He had to drive every day for 40 minutes on the way out and another 40 minutes on the way back, he got up at six in the morning and often returned at nine in the evening. This had caused a first destabilization. When Sara finally presented a certificate of illness with the diagnosis “weight loss due to work stress”, forced by us because she was afraid of being fired, she was moved to Cles after asking for it three months.

The fact that he had resigned would lead to think that he had found the strength to close that chapter. No, because she saw this resignation as a defeat, in fact she did not send them while she was here at home where we had all invited her to do so, but she presented them when she returned there alone. She was ashamed, she no longer saw a future after the resignation. But today there is no longer a girl who resigned, there is a girl who disappeared.

Think about the hypothesis of an extreme gesture? Until she is found, a missing person. So I ask: a girl who suddenly disappears from a family she loved doesn’t make you think? We family members think of an extreme gesture because we have seen how he was: only one week was enough for us. I found myself in front of a person who was no longer my sister.

What is your goal today? We don’t want revenge, but we seek answers. a right to receive them and a duty to ask for them. Today the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating, corporate executives and politicians are moving, the media are talking about it: this is already a victory in itself. I am not afraid to speak and I hope to be heard: I start from here, then we see who follows me.

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Sara Pedri disappeared Trentino sister Terrified job bottom

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