the Democratic Party is scuttled by Mattia Santori – Libero Quotidiano

the Democratic Party is scuttled by Mattia Santori – Libero Quotidiano
the Democratic Party is scuttled by Mattia Santori – Libero Quotidiano

Fausto Carioti

June 13, 2021

They seem made to meet. Why Enrico Letta he has a serious problem, at least for those who observe him from a certain angle to the left: too polite, too professino, too Parisian. Unable to warm the hearts of what they once called the base, more interested in mortgage payments than tightening the laws against homophobia. The polls confirm: the Democratic Party is always there, at 18.8%, down compared to a month ago and just a little more than when the new boss took office. Young people, then, do not talk about it. The poll commissioned by the Nazarene to the YouTrend institute reveals that among voters under 34, voting intentions for the Democratic Party languish at 14.4%, one point less than in April.

The proposal to tax the succession of the “rich” to give 280 thousand neo eighteen-year-olds Italy ni (one out of two) ten thousand euros of “dowry” had to serve precisely to make the party attractive for that age group. Complete failure: not only Mario Draghi replied that there is no mention of it, but in the “target” there was no sign of interest. Sardines also have a problem: finding a job, preferably paid by the taxpayer. In politichese, it is a question of capitalizing on the visibility (a lot) and the consensus (alleged) accumulated up to this point. If not now, when? So, forgetting that a year ago he himself said “candidacy is political fiction”, Mattia Santori knocked on the door of the Democratic Party. Not as he had done in March, before Letta arrived, when he and the others tried to occupy the national headquarters of the Democratic Party. This time it was polite: an interview with Domani, the newspaper owned by Carlo De Benedetti, in which he said the same things as always, plus one: an explicit request to Letta to run them in the local elections to be held after the summer. By presenting his movement, needless to say, as the solution to all the problems of the Democratic Party.

Many salamelecchi to the new secretary, first of all. Dutiful, also because Letta, as soon as he took office, had met them promising that “excellent prospects” would arise from that interview. Here, the time has come to keep faith with the commitment. «The Letta effect», Santori argues, «has re-established that the great value of the Democratic Party is its basis. Letta and her staff, with internal consultation, they highlighted it. It is a great sign ». In view of what? “We are ready to work together, even as candidates, to bring new life.” They are even “considering” the idea of ​​entering the lists of the Democratic Party, announces the 34-year-old, with the air of someone launching a proposal that the other cannot refuse. After all, he insists, “we have shown that we are excellent allies in electoral campaigns”. Meanwhile, as a perfect expression of civil society in search of placement, they assure Letta that in the primaries they will support the candidates of the Pd apparatus, that is the same ones who dragged the party down there where it now lies. How Matteo Lepore in Bologna (“we feel represented by his path”) and the other colonels of the Red Guard. And everything suggests that in the end the marriage will take place. The Sardines are young by definition, they shift the party axis to the left, embody the empty rhetoric of “change” and appeal to the Five Stars and their confusingly anti-system electorate. Reasons why Letta has already shown that she likes them. Of course, there is the risk that they will only bring their votes, but having them against, angry at having been snubbed, being told on talk shows, by those faces, that “the Democratic Party has disappointed us, it hasn’t changed”, is a price that the head of a party already so badly made does not seem ready to pay.

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