From San Lorenzo to Campo de ‘Fiori there is a wave of attacks

From San Lorenzo to Campo de ‘Fiori there is a wave of attacks
From San Lorenzo to Campo de ‘Fiori there is a wave of attacks

Fomented and fierce, with their hands clasped to the glass bottles which then became “weapons” to be thrown at the men in uniform. There was fear of the European football championships, the unrest of the supporters, but at the Olympic stadium everything went smoothly. But to break the tranquility of Roma they are still young people, even minors, the undisputed protagonists of one nightlife out of control. Which is worrying again also in view of Lazio’s transition to the white zone tomorrow and which will be at the center, on Tuesday, of a new Committee for order and security.
On Friday night, the capital still saw charges, men deployed to contain a conspicuous series of violent “regurgitations”: not only laughter among friends but insults, death threats, kicks and punches with attached throwing of bottles at police, carabinieri, traffic wardens.

And in this story that, week after week, adds new chapters, three boys aged 18 to 21 were arrested and a minor was reported for injuries and resistance to a public official. Once again it is the Center and the neighborhood of San Lorenzo to frame the most serious attacks. Friday evening while the triumph of Italy was celebrated at the Olimpico, Campo de ‘Fiori it was packed with young people and new fights broke out among them just before the curfew took effect.

Rome, crazy nightlife: policemen and carabinieri attacked from Campo de ‘Fiori in San Lorenzo


Via dei Baullari, a few meters from the entrance to the Farnese cinema: a group of kids begins to get agitated, someone screams, someone else begins to raise their hands against an “adversary” group. The carabinieri who are on the square intervene to try to divide and quell souls but here the young people find themselves “united” against the military. A launch of glass bottles begins, most likely bought in the area minimarkets that have violated the ordinance of the mayor Virginia Raggi and that of the Prefect Matteo Piantedosi on stopping the sale and removal of alcohol in glass containers. A carabiniere is shot in the arm, while the police and agents from the nearby Trevi police station also arrive in support of the military.

They are excited moments: at the foot of the statue of Giordano Bruno there are more than a thousand people, but the chaos is a few meters away. The charge starts and in the clash a boy, Mirko Giacomini, just 21 years old, is stopped with two pending charges for receiving stolen goods and possession of drugs for the purpose of dealing. Pulled away from the group, the boy will continue to hit madly two policemen and two carabinieri until spending the night in the security room and then seeing himself yesterday morning validating the arrest in direct line with the obligation to sign three times a week from 9 to 11 Together with him, a 17-year-old probably from the opposing group is denounced who, however, at the sight of the police, he too began to give in a frenzy: insults and throwing lit cigarettes at agents and soldiers. Reported for outrage, he was entrusted to his parents. For both the Commissioner Mario Della Cioppa is evaluating the adoption of the “Dacur”, the prohibition of access to urban areas.


In San Lorenzo in the same minutes it is the local police officers who have to stop a wave of attacks. It all starts with the report of a girl who calls for help denouncing an attempted assault. Via degli Aurunci: at the arrival of the municipal a small group of boys surround the agents in an attempt to obstruct the intervention. A young 20-year-old resists, attacks, offends and is arrested for resisting a public official while in via dei Sabelli, a peer of his age – 18 years old a few months ago – adds death threats to kicks and punches against the agents. In all the evening’s budget will count four municipal agents who were injured and the carabinieri soldier. While it was also necessary to ban other squares that were filled with young people, dropping all anti-gathering limits: from Piazza San Calisto to Piazza Trilussa up to Santa Maria in Trastevere. During the checks, three places were sanctioned for commercial activities and a convenience store closed for selling alcohol beyond the allowed time.

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