Baricco: “Disintegrating” the classes. Rating? “like in video games, short courses by leveling up”. “The current system is bound to collapse” and beats the trade unions

According to the well-known sixty-three-year-old writer, the Italian school needs a profound change, finding itself on the verge of collapse and to which COVID has given a huge push. But how to change, what are the critical points?

Flexibility, this is the basic concept that Baricco places at the center of a reflection on the Italian school now present in Repubblica.

The current school, he says, “is not flexible, it forces you to coexist with a very small number of your peers”.

Among the innovative ideas that the writer puts on the plate is the “disintegration of the class totem”. Realities that already exist in Italy, he continues: “there is the math classroom, the Italian classroom, and the students go around, crossing with other students who do the same lesson, who follow the same didactic segment. Even of different ages “.

“And then – he continues – shorter teaching segments are needed, not the exam after three years or the report card every four months: we should do as in video games, paths where you see the end, going up from level to level”.

Baricco, however, does not stop only to give a recipe on how the school should be reformed at the level of educational organization, he also points the finger at what he considers a centripetal force that prevents change.

“I believe that it is necessary to look fiercely at an important thing: – he affirms – the assumption never touch unionism, labor rights and the protection of workers never. Never, never, never. But the school in Italy is also blocked due to the immense difficulty with the school unions ”.

Baricco’s lunge: “Dad was the worst thing we were able to produce. The school must be profoundly changed “


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