Italian and European green pass: different but complementary. What they are for, how they work and how good they are

Italian and European green pass: different but complementary. What they are for, how they work and how good they are
Italian and European green pass: different but complementary. What they are for, how they work and how good they are

After the positive evaluation (with some modifications) of the Privacy Guarantor, the green pass drafted by the government is preparing to enter into force. The Dpcm it could be signed in the next few hours by the Prime Minister Mario Draghi, in Cornwall for the G7. The certificate is the result of the joint work of three ministries: that of Health, Innovation and Economy.

THE ITALIAN GREEN PASS – It will be similar to the European one, but with some differences. It will serve for move freely in Italy even in orange or red areas (although there are currently only white or yellow areas), for access events and public events, as well as for visit the elderly in the RSA and participate in parties of civil and religious celebrations even indoors. According to the website of the Ministry of Health updated on May 20, the green certificate will certify thevaccination occurred against Covid-19, the healing infection (taking as reference the date of the end of isolation), or thenegative result to a swab rapid molecular or antigenic in the previous 48 hours. Examples of valid green passes are: the certificate issued to end of the vaccination cycle, the one released after the first dose, the certificate attesting the end of isolation issued by the ASL or the report of a test issued by the body where the swab is carried out (such as pharmacies, doctors, analysis laboratories)

VALIDITY – The certificate has different validity times based on the situation in which it is released. If after the first dose of the vaccine, it will be valid from the 15th day onwards until the date of the second dose, and of nine months after both doses of the vaccine. If it is released following recovery from Covid-19, the validity is six months from the end of isolation. While, if it is released after undergoing the rapid or molecular test, the validity is 48 ore from the swab. According to the information provided by the ministry, the deadline of nine months after the vaccine and six months after recovery “has been set provisionally”. The information on the subject will, in fact, be reviewed periodically.

GREEN PASS EUROPEO – Similar to the Italian one, it is the green pass europeo which will come into force from July 1st. The Digital Green Certificate (Dgc) is nothing more than the same certificate, but can be used at European level through a two-dimensional barcode, QRcode. It can be used to move to EU countries that have defined common rules for issuing, for the platforms to be used and for checking validity. The DGC will be free and available in Italian and English. It must be said, however, as specified by the Brussels institutions that the European digital certificate is useful to facilitate free movement within the EU, but that “it will not be a prerequisite for free movement, which is a fundamental right in the EU ”, while still guaranteeing Member States the possibility to adjust the restrictions in force for reasons of public health. It will be possible download your certificate from some platforms indicated by the government (such asImmune App), which have passed the evaluation of the Privacy Guarantor. The certificates will include – as highlighted by the EU – only a limited set of necessary information which cannot be retained by the countries visited.

The Italian green pass, or green certificate and the European one, or Digital Green Certificate, are therefore complementary. Green certificates are issued on a regional basis and are valid only on the national territory, until the entry into force of Digital Green Certificate, which will instead be issued by a national platform (which will work on the basis of data provided by the Regions) and will contain a unique barcode to digitally verify its authenticity and validity in all EU countries.

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