Rome, another young victim of the suicide site. A note in the room: “Call the ambulance”

Rome, another young victim of the suicide site. A note in the room: “Call the ambulance”
Rome, another young victim of the suicide site. A note in the room: “Call the ambulance”

Call the ambulance. The post-it hanging in the room is a question that haunts the parents of Luca, 31 years old, the name is fictitious, who committed suicide in Roma. “He didn’t want to do it, he was undecided.” This is yet another case connected to the site Sanctioned Suicide and sodium nitrite. The third in the capital, the fifth on a national scale. “The message on the note was written in his own hand. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, ”comments his father. In the end, however, the most extreme of the gestures was equally accomplished, also pushed by the suggestions published on the website of the death, so it was renamed by the investigators, which the boy attended until the end.

Rome, the site closed with the instructions to die: “If you want to kill yourself you have to do this”

Not surprisingly, in the apartment where Luca lived, the sodium nitrite. This is the sadly known chemical substance used by other very young people who took their own lives this year by poisoning themselves after learning information and advice, even from suicide tutors, always known on the same site.

In the capital it is, in fact, the third case with extremely similar behaviors. However Luca, despite the purchase, would not have ingested the sodium nitrite. He opted for other substances, he took barbiturates.
The parents of the 31-year-old have recently discovered the relationship between the gesture made by their boyfriend and the advice learned on the forum. In fact, Luca’s death is dated June 14, 2020. Last month, his father sifted through the 31-year-old’s PC. What he discovered left him thrilled. Luca, who was going through a moment of fragility, also surfed on that site and there he would compare himself with other people and would have obtained information and support for his project. “When you are on a bridge and you are about to take your own life, someone should save you, help you. Instead, thanks to that forum, it’s like finding someone who passes by and pushes you downstairs ».
It is the perfect metaphor coined by Luca’s parent that summarizes the function of the site obscured on Monday by the Rome prosecutor’s office. Now the story of the 31-year-old, in all likelihood, will flow into the investigation file, by instigation to suicide, of the prosecutor Giulia Guccione. Magistrate who had the merit of understanding the scope of the whole affair from the beginning, closing access to the web page in Italy and who is investigating several suicides that took place in Rome.

Death forums are the first step that usually precedes chatting with people who encourage them to take their own life. This road of no return was traveled by Laura, 20, (the name is fictional) in Palermo on May 25, by Matteo Cecconi, 18, in Bassano del Grappa on April 26, during a lesson at school with teaching a distance, from Fabio Gianfreda, 19, on 9 December 2020 in the capital.
Same ending chosen by another student in Rome, Paolo (the name is fictional) aged 19, on February 13, 2020 in a Bed and Breakfast. The young man, after drinking from the glass full of poison, repents and calls 112. “Please help me,” he tells the rescuers on the phone.
When the ambulance arrives Paolo is already dead. Now the fifth victim is discovered, on June 14, 2020. A 31-year-old who, probably, was not so convinced of what he then accomplished. The tragedy was that Luca, Paolo, Fabio, Matteo and Laura, on their path, in that tortuous moment, found support on a site that helped you to kill yourself.

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