Italy Turkey, Mancini: ‘Satisfaction for the Italians. Wembley? Missing 6 ‘

Italy Turkey, Mancini: ‘Satisfaction for the Italians. Wembley? Missing 6 ‘
Italy Turkey, Mancini: ‘Satisfaction for the Italians. Wembley? Missing 6 ‘

The blue coach after the victory against Turkey: “We played really well, it was important to start like this. Now we want more evenings like that. Wembley final? Only six to go.”


A clear hit against the Turkey in his debut at Euro 2020, he can only be very satisfied Roberto Mancini after success of Italy for 3-0. “We played a good match, even in the first half when we couldn’t find the goal we were very good. The match was not easy, it was the debut and Turkey is an excellent team”, the Italian coach said to Rai microphones. in the post race. “In games like this you need everything, there was help from the public, we’re happy, the team played really well “Mancini continued.

“It was important to start well. Now other evenings like this”


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The Italy coach analyzed one of the tactical keys of the match: “We were decisive when we moved the ball quickly and came to the opposite side freeing the man. Yes, we had a good game, it was important to start well., it was a satisfaction for all of us, for the public present and for all Italians “. Mancini then concluded his interview with Rai in this way: “It was a beautiful evening, I hope there are many others like this. First step towards the Wembley final? Six are still missing… “.

“I hope the Italians had a nice evening”


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“I was hoping for a start like this, we’re glad having played well and amused the audience. I hope the Italians had a nice evening. We played well, we never gave up, in short it was an excellent match ”, added the Italian coach. Who really believes in his team: “We are aware that we are a good team, we beat Turkey which is definitely not a team. We know we can still improve, even with young players who do not yet have European experience “, concluded Mancini.


Italy Turkey Mancini Satisfaction Italians Wembley Missing

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