The Air That Pulls, Virginia Raggi ready to stay. He offends Vittorio and extends his hand to Giorgia Meloni – Il Tempo

The Air That Pulls, Virginia Raggi ready to stay. He offends Vittorio and extends his hand to Giorgia Meloni – Il Tempo
The Air That Pulls, Virginia Raggi ready to stay. He offends Vittorio and extends his hand to Giorgia Meloni – Il Tempo

Giada Oricchio

June 11, 2021

Virginia Raggi was the guest who closed the television season of the LA7 program, “L’Aria che Tira”, on Friday 11 June. “Ready for a second term: I am the alternative to the Northern League. I hope that Sgarbi does not want to be the commissioner from the toilet ”. Then a dig at Nicola Zingaretti: “He was hurt” and one at Maria Elena Boschi: “When I suffered sexist attacks, Giorgia Meloni was supportive, other women didn’t”.

The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, has a fixed expression when she appears on television, the sustained and distrustful one of those who fear traps and pitfalls. It also happened with Myrta Merlino who, fresh from the storm that sent Rome underwater, teases her about the weather: “I’m going to receive her with the rubber dinghy” and when she gives the floor to Paolo Sottocorona to find out the forecast for the weekend: ” important, please. See what you can do. Do you remember that in the 70s water came in from the window of your Mini in Ponte Milvio? Ah, then it means that Rays or not Rays, Rome has always been flooded. Mayor, do you remember that tweet of his mocking Marino with him you need the rubber dinghies? Why does a disaster happen in Rome every time it rains? ”.

Jokes that Raggi listened to with an air between sufficient and annoyed before leaving with the usual defense: “Not every time! There was a precipitation known as a water bomb. In the space of 30 minutes, over 80 millimeters of water fell in Rome, we have a sewer system built 100-150 years ago that does not allow us to absorb all that water together. We have a very old piping system, we have changed many of them, but they are hundreds of km of piping, the work must be planned because it takes years. But we are already working to modernize the sewers ”.

And then Myrta Merlino moves on to the race for the Capitol recognizing the mayor that no one jumped for joy when in August last year she announced that she would be reappointed. La Raggi says she is very determined thanks also to the support of Conte and the 5 Star Movement and with a hint of self-satisfaction admits: “Did the agreement between PD and 5 Stars on Zingaretti seem done? Well Zingaretti was a bit disappointed. I am concentrating on Rome and on the needs of the citizens, the rest is chatter of the Palace ”. And aware that he is already in the electoral campaign, he hits hard on political opponents: “I would have said that the center-right is split in two, in reality they put three together to make one (michetti, Matone and Sgarbi, nd) and I hope Sgarbi does not want to be the Minister of Culture and the Renaissance from the toilet of his home! We all remember those photos, Rome doesn’t need naked or toilet photos. Are you saying that a miracle is needed in Rome? I reply that I am the real alternative to the Northern League which called us thieving Rome, the Romans do not forget it, just as they do not forget the pajata pact, there are trains that we are about to take and they are those of the Recovery Fund, of the Jubilee of 2025 and Expo 2030 because we will nominate Rome to host it. That’s 10 years of investment. We have to link these three great events, I am for continuity otherwise everything is paralyzed ”.

The first citizen of Rome recognizes a series of merits when Myrta Merlino presses her on the third mandate and therefore on the fact that the limit of the two mandates heralded by the M5S has disappeared in the face of government action: ” field is important. To be mayor it takes longer than 4 years, when I arrived the administrative car had no steering wheel, no tires, nothing, everything had been stolen. Today I tell her that Rome is a Ferrari, we put it back together and after 5 years I am able to drive it. I have the right experience, while the candidates for mayors have never got their hands dirty ”.

Women in solidarity with other women? La Raggi does not embrace the line of Maria Elena Boschi that Giorgia Meloni Prime Minister would never want: “I have suffered so many sexist attacks and I have never lacked a message of solidarity from Giorgia Meloni. Many other Italian policies from other camps have not done so. Here this has a meaning. Would he be a good premier? She is playing her political game. I was the first woman mayor of Rome and women in politics are gaining momentum. I have my ideas and on some things I am distant from Meloni, but she is a very determined woman and I honor merit: every time I have been attacked, she has always shown me solidarity unlike others! “. Anyone who has ears to hear intends.

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