doses of vaccine to dispose of and record anxiety – Time

doses of vaccine to dispose of and record anxiety – Time
doses of vaccine to dispose of and record anxiety – Time

“The Italians did not follow the recommendations”. Fabio Martini, journalist of La Stampa, is a guest on the 11th June episode of Agorà, a Rai3 program hosted by Luisella Costamagna, in which the issue of the AstraZeneca vaccine and the side effects deriving from it is addressed. “It can be acknowledged – begins the journalist – without treason, that Italy has shown organizational skills superior to the Northern European countries in the distribution of the vaccine against Covid, but on the selective use of AstraZeneca there has been a guilty relaxation of the system. There is no doubt about this ”the accusation against those who had to manage the vaccination campaign and the Italian scientists.

Martini then sinks the blow on the citizens, who in reality have simply followed the indications of the various Regions: “On 7 April the Government recommended selective use for young people, in particular for young women. There was a rush by the Regions to dispose of vaccine doses and record anxiety. What moral, if any, should we draw from it? Italians, for collective psychology, have a certain difficulty in accepting the rules, but if they are given only recommendations it is difficult for them to follow them. It is always necessary to give very very precise indications “. Blaming the Italians is too easy: they certainly weren’t the ones who decided to open bookings for the AstraZeneca Open Days to all adults, as happened in the Lazio Region, for example.

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doses vaccine dispose record anxiety Time

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