«I will call Veltroni and Rutelli to collaborate for the Jubilee. The big events? At the Colosseum »

«I will call Veltroni and Rutelli to collaborate for the Jubilee. The big events? At the Colosseum »
«I will call Veltroni and Rutelli to collaborate for the Jubilee. The big events? At the Colosseum »

Vittorio Sgarbi, are you ready for the Rome of the Caesars and the new Popes?
“Very ready. I am already thinking about how, after the electoral victory, the Jubilee of 2025 will be the great opportunity to put Rome back on the world stage and bring it back to being the capital of universal culture ».

What ideas do you have for relaunching Rome and Roman civilization?
“First of all, as councilor for culture, I will talk to everyone. Two excellent mayors of Rome, Rutelli and Veltroni, I will look for them to involve them in this crucial event and to give us cultural and organizational ideas ».

Mayor of Rome, Michetti: «I was chosen by FdI? I am the candidate of the entire center-right “

Mayor of Rome, Michetti is the standard bearer of the right: “Return to Caput Mundi with competence and vision”

But I’m not right!
«And who cares. We need the capable and willing. Michetti, who is both a figure of great popular appeal and a competent one, is on this same wavelength. Matone, for example, is very good. We will be a trident. Looking right to left, we will also have to look into the Grillino world. Inside what was the team of the Rays but she let them go away ».

But really, will you be half-grilled?
«Do you remember Carla Raineri? Excellent professional. I just got her to talk to Michetti, she was the flagship of the Raggi team but then they broke up. We would need a lot for the municipal car. And not only. And I see two other former councilors of the M5S junta very well with us: one is Colomban, the other is Minenna. Competent people. The real blow would be to have General Figliuolo with us at the Capitol: for logistics and for many other things. We need an army of volunteers, but for a fee, to open all the often abandoned churches in Rome and a general to guide, with common sense and practical spirit, the exit of this metropolis from a fever that, even net of Covid, it has been going on for too long. “

Who do you think of as commissioner of the Jubilee?
«The right person in my opinion is Monsignor Andreatta. He is the one who organizes the trips of the Church to Muslim countries, which puts our religion in contact with the Indian one and with many others. I see him well as a commissioner or coordinator because he is not a kisser but a pragmatist. I am more curial than him, who is a lay priest ».

Big projects?
“The Municipality has 78 museums, it is necessary to put them into a system together with state museums, tested museums, the Vatican Museums – seventh in the ranking of the most visited in the world – and by coordinating everything we will create a widespread Louvre that will make the Parisian one pale”.

Is Michetti ready for such ideas?
“Of course. Because I will be his Grillo as Beppe was for the Raggi ».

«The Rays became the Rays, that is, it made itself known, because it had the light of Grillo. I will be the rude light that in the electoral campaign I will make Michetti a celebrity and he, in exchange, will leave a free hand on culture ».

The risk is that she will do too much theater.
“We need that too. Just have a clear idea. It would be possible, for example, to open the Colosseum – as Minister Franceschini also says – to great shows. As long as it’s not the concerts where people go to swell up with beer and throw cans on ancient stones ».

The first world exhibition of the relaunch of Rome, if you win the elections, what will it be?
«The one that enhances the Torlonia fund, through which – much better than it is done now – one makes it clear what was the greatness of Rome. Then, super-exhibition on the Rome of the popes: 500 and 600. A very courageous exhibition on Rome at the time of fascism must also be made ».

Look, if it does it, they tear it to pieces!
“Those who understand nothing will try. Fascist Rome was the last moment of great architecture in this city. After that, the Democratic Republic would not give a style to its capital. And this unfortunately contributed to the devaluation of Rome in the eyes of the nation ».

Will Michetti, who does not demonize the Roman greeting (“It’s more hygienic than a handshake”) agree, of course?
“I like Baudelaire. He said: many friends, many gloves, for fear of mange. And speaking of intellectuals, I anticipate that my first consultant in the department will be the writer Geminello Alvi ».

But it is a Ceronetti apocalyptic!
«The apocalyptic is actually one who creates, not one who destroys. And the sense of the Apocalypse can be a great boost to relaunch ».

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