Mancini applauds Italy: “Nice game, six are still missing for Wembley”

ROMA – “I was hoping for a debut like this, it was a really good match”. Roberto Mancini does not hide his satisfaction with the brilliant 3-0 with which Italy overwhelmed Turkey: “We played very well and the crowd also helped us. We are happy to have enjoyed him. It was important to start well here in Rome and it is a satisfaction for us and for all the Italians. It was a beautiful evening, I hope there are many others, but for Wembley there are still 6 … We are aware that we have an excellent team, and we know that we can still improve . We have respect for the teams we meet, Turkey is full of talent. We need to improve from all points of view, we have young players who have played little in Serie A and some have not even played a European cup. They are mature boys, they know how to play football. , I told them to play quietly “.

Europeans, Italy-Turkey 3-0: Berardi, Immobile and Insigne sign a triumphal debut

by Jacopo Manfredi

June 11, 2021

Property: “Rejoicing inspired by Banfi, victory dedicated to those who fight against Covid”

Ciro Immobile was certainly among the best players on the pitch who, after scoring the 2-0 score, exulted in a particular way. And he explains why: “Before the game we received a message from Lino Banfi asking us to shout ‘porca puttena’ and both Insigne and I did it. I dedicate this goal to my family, to score at the debut in a European at this stage is fantastic “. On the match the Lazio striker says: ” We did our duty: we had to win the first match and we did it with a nice 3-0. We wanted to win in front of our fans and dedicate this victory to the many who still fight against this cursed virus. We had the right patience against a strong team like Turkey, we knew it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park and we tried to tire them out. In the first half we made a lot of crosses and we often ended up bumping into their wall. In the second half they were more tired and left us more space that we were able to make the most of “.

Insigne: “Thanks to Mancini, he gave us peace of mind”

Protagonist of the match also Lorenzo Insigne who reveals: “It was an exciting evening. Playing the first home game in front of our fans was a unique emotion. We started a bit like this but then we managed to make a great second half. . Mancini told us in the interval to be calm and the referee does not whistle a penalty. The strength of this team is the great group that created the coach. There are no starters, those who play know what to do and we make ourselves available to each other. The most important thing is to win, then if the goal arrives, I’m happier. “

Bonucci: “It’s another football with the fans, let’s keep our feet on the ground”

Leonardo Bonucci enjoys the evening: “It was a special evening. After a year and a half of playing without fans it was exciting. With all these people around it’s a whole different football. Let’s hope it’s a starting point. When do you start this adventure. , there is a bit of emotion and it generates the desire to play. I imagined the opening game like this, and we made it. This however is only the first stage of a long journey, therefore down to earth and great humility. Here the matches are close together and the others will know us more and more. But we are aware that with what we have fielded tonight, we are playing it with everyone “. What was the secret of this Italy? “We said to ourselves in the locker room that we had to have a light head and a warm heart, full of passion, competitive nastiness and the desire to do what we know to the fullest.”

Spinazzola: “Exciting to find the public”

Spinazzola, nominated ‘man of the match’ by Uefa, is delighted: “I had the chills already from the bus, when I saw fans outside the stadium: finding them was one of the best sensations since I have played. important against a physical and well organized team. They made a single block, tight and with many players behind: the first goal was the turning point, we found space and it was much easier. The starting place? game, there is a good competition. We are a great team, from the goalkeeper to the warehouse worker “, he concludes.

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