A long trail of blood on the floor, the shocking images from the CPR in via Corelli Milano

A long trail of blood on the floor, the shocking images from the CPR in via Corelli Milano
A long trail of blood on the floor, the shocking images from the CPR in via Corelli Milano

There are always few images leaking from inside the detention center for repatriation in via Corelli. Mai più Lager no Cpr has published a short video made with a mobile phone where you can see a man walking slowly, taking a long trail of blood mixed with water.

They describe the scene like this.

“Someone decides every now and then to dedicate the few, rare minutes in which he manages to get back his mobile phone to try to document what is happening in the CPR in via Corelli and transmit it to the outside in desperate search for help. It is necessary – they write – first raise at least a corner of the tape that – without any sense and without any legitimacy in the already illegitimate seizure of phones – the managers attack the detainees on the mobile phone cameras to prevent them from filming and witnessing the reality that surrounds them “.

The video shot inside the CPR

“With a little attention – continues the description – in a moment of distraction by the police, the” filming “of a dismal and disturbing short film of the daily horror of the CPR can start, to which the director entrusts the hope that someone out there will notice him. On the floor, fresh blood from the most recent of the countless daily acts of self-harm; two steps in the small courtyard dominated by high plexiglass panels and cages, where the “outdoor” life of the held back, restricted for months and months in very small spaces “.

“In the background – they still say – a voice far away from the television, the only one for the 28 inhabitants of the single sector, placed so high up in the dining room and so hidden by the safety nets that it can hardly be usefully watched. The remote control obviously does not it is in the “power” of the detainees: not even that. The petulant and typically muddled voice of those who abuse psychotropic drugs contrasts with a woman’s voice in some soap opera that evokes afternoons of “normal” lives, with mothers and wives and daughters with a face that has been forgotten for months, and who knows how they are going home at home “.

“All this, free of charge and without any sense. All this, because someone has decided that if you are not European you cannot participate in the banquet. All this – continues the post – because no one speaks, no one already now, when the body of the last dead of CPR, Moussa Balde, has not even been buried yet: a couple of days the swirl of declarations of circumstance lasts and then oblivion returns “.

The protest against the CPR in San Babila

“It is too convenient to pretend with oneself and with the electorate that the CPR does not exist; much less – they accuse – that of a Milan now intent on resuming its business life and aperitifs in which it is too uncomfortable to remember the invisibles and those that, if they are not enough, they must become. And they become, indeed, segregated between very high concrete walls, armored doors without alarm bells where you have time to die before they come to help you, while someone seeks help by pulling kicking at the iron door: the only way to be heard. In 50 against at least double, if not triple, the number of police forces, but for long days without even a doctor on call “.

“In the cavities – they describe – beyond the gates, in little no-man’s lands between one sector and another, the maximum twist is that a shoe ends up for fun, sparking furious quarrels. Otherwise, some wrapping of those snacks of extreme sub-brand that are sold by weight in gold in the internal store for further profit of the manager, and a few crumbs of biscuit thrown by some still tender soul, for the pigeons. These are less fortunate than those in Piazza Duomo, but they can always fly away. Meanwhile, they peck in the grave silence of endless days of nothing, blood, methadone (for the lucky ones) and Rivotril. Waiting for the next one, as “fashionable” in this spring-summer Corelli 2021, to decide to seek freedom by throwing himself off the roof, breaking both legs: if he does both, or rather if he does terno, with a little more luck, maybe (but maybe) he’ll get out “.

“Otherwise the destiny, since crutches are” blunt objects “, is to remain abandoned on the bed, totally dependent on the availability of a roommate who is not too sedated to be able to carry you on the shoulders of the nauseating Turks. Have a good restart, Milan” , bitterly concludes the note.

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