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The Theater returns to School with the TAC project – TeatroAttivaCultura – conceived by the Istituto Comprensivo Rinnovata Pizzigoni in Milan and promoted by MiBACT (Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism) which proposes to transform the school into an education center and widespread culture, available to citizens, with a series of meetings, workshops, exhibitions and shows aimed at promoting social inclusion.

After the long pause of cultural activities due to the limitations that schools have had to put in place for prevention measures, we return loudly and with a lot of determination with the improvisation show “The 10 Things” of the theater company La Balena.

Two free meetings, on June 10, at 8 pm and 9.30 pm, in the spaces of the Puecher Middle School in Milan in Via Castellino da Castello n. 9.
The show will be born together with the public. The audience will give 10 ideas on a theme that will be revealed shortly before the start of the show. Thus 10 ideas will be born, 10 unpublished stories created by improvisers, all to laugh.
The actors intertwine scenes, capillary networks of bonds, exchanges, actions and reactions that the public sees first from a distance, then ever deeper, immersing themselves and mingling in the stories.

To be able to participate you need to book and fun is guaranteed!

TAC sees the school in this way: a space for experimentation open to all, it is the school beyond the school, a cultural pole, an engine of renewal, a place of shared learning in which multicultural associations, citizens, educators, teachers and students will work together to consolidate cohesion social, promoting integration, educating to a sense of community.

“We are really excited to resume our extracurricular activities after this long hiatus. Says Anna Teresa Ferri, School Director of the Renovated Pizzigoni Comprehensive Institute. The TAC project, which began in 2019, then discontinued, is now resuming with more energy than ever. The idea is to give back to the community a space that belongs to it and to use the school as a model, catalyst and promoter of inclusion, through cultural events, arts and crafts workshops, and artistic productions open not only to pupils or teachers, but to all citizens “.

The show “The 10 Things” is in fact only the first appointment, to follow, in the months of September and October, there will be a series of theatrical performances, photographic exhibitions and much more, all to merge into the conference on theater, where they will participate directors and industry experts to discuss the theater as a tool at the service of teaching.


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