“In jail”, “Should I die?”. Chaos by Myrta Merlino – Libero Quotidiano

“In jail”, “Should I die?”. Chaos by Myrta Merlino – Libero Quotidiano
“In jail”, “Should I die?”. Chaos by Myrta Merlino – Libero Quotidiano

“The reforms I had made, from health to school, had improved the lives of citizens. I never felt omnipotent, I always resorted to expert advice, it was a team effort”. These are the words of Roberto Formigoni, guest The air that pulls the program on La7 news broadcast today, Friday 11 June. The journalist is in the sights of Formigoni Alan Friedman, the subject of disputing the annuity: “I can not die of hunger”, “He is a Christian penitent, but he does not give up his annuity”, Friedman’s response which is also a summary of the great controversy that broke out between the two on live TV in front of the presenter Myrta Merlino.

“If I felt omnipotent? No, but in the presentation clip I would have preferred to see the many achievements that I have made and that have made me the darling of the voters. I do not have it with her Myrta, of course, but I presented myself at 14 elections and I have always been the first of the elected officials Lombardy region, my political life is full of successes, reforms, news, I would have liked Myrta to show her, but I repeat I am not angry with her ”, replied Formigoni after a report on his political affair.

However, the intervention that sets everything off is that of Alan Friedman: “In his new book A popular story speaks of the final 5-year sentence for the crash of San Raffaele? “, asserts the reporter. “Yes of course! I give you some more information: I am currently under house arrest and I am serving the unjust sentence that was inflicted on me with a Christian spirit and as a man of discipline, it is better that I do not talk about the trial, I recognize the sentence, but I have not taken a lira. I was sentenced without faults and tests, as a man of the institutions and as a Christian I accepted the test and I also did 5 months in prison that I would never have to face because she is over 70, but there was a grill law … I suffered that too though friends have not abandoned me “, Formigoni replied.

“I cannot talk about the trial, I repeat that I have always proclaimed myself innocent, I have not stolen a euro, I have not taken a lira as a bribe, nothing has been found, they have made letters rogatory all over the world and have not found a euro”. In fact, Formigoni explains that citizens have understood that it is not a question of annuity, but of retirement. “It’s my money, not the Italian Parliament, I took my money every month and entrusted it to the Chamber, it was established by the judiciary, I have two sentences in my favor: it is a pension and it is my money that must be returned to me, there is no death penalty in Italy and I cannot be condemned to die of hardship. The sentences must be respected even when they agree with Formigoni “, explains the former president of the Lombardy Region. “How can I live? I was seized everything I had earned in 50 years of work, the Senate pension was my right like any citizen and I have appealed, the annuity is as president of the Region”, shouts Formigoni. “You are lucky to be under house arrest, in America you would be in prisonIs Friedman’s dynamic comment.

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