Astrazeneca, De Luca: “From government communication disaster. For second dose to under 60 who should I ask? To the general or to a doctor?”

Astrazeneca? We are witnessing in these hours a story that is frankly disconcerting. The government it had to do two things: guaranteeing Italy the autonomous production of vaccines and guaranteeing simple, unambiguous and reliable scientific information. He did neither one nor the other. In particular, from the point of view of communication to citizens, we are faced with a real disaster“. These are the words of the president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, in the course of its direct information on Facebook, about the vaccine Astrazeneca.

And he adds: “In the last few hours we have seen a contradiction emerge in the management of the anti-covid plan. We are the only country in the world in which the management of the plan is not entrusted directly to the Ministry of Health but to an external structure, the police station. The commissioner was first a public manager, Arcuri, is now a General of the Army, but basically it was decided to have a separation of the structure from the Ministry of Health. This organizational model is contradictory and unproductive – continues De Luca – In the management of the battle against covid there are basically two aspects: the organizational and logistical one, that is the distribution of vaccines, which does not require Nobel prizes to be concluded, and the medical-scientific part, which must guarantee health certainty on the use of vaccines. In all countries of the world these two functions are headed by the Ministry of Health, except in Italy. This model is demonstrating its contradiction and inadequacy in these hours ”.

The regional president points out: “First of all, let’s clarify who is doing what, why we are a strange country: when we reached 500 thousand doses of vaccine administered per day, they say it is a great success for the Covid emergency commissioner. The Commissioner has nothing to do with it. The organizational effort was made totally and exclusively by the Regions. Who made the 500,000 doses of the vaccine? The commissioner? No. The Regions did it. In Rome they set the objectives, those that do or do not do are the Regions, the Local Health Authorities and the medical staff. Let’s clarify it definitively. Each time we have to explain well who does what ”.

De Luca announces that Campania will not administer Astrazeneca under the age of 60 and adds: “Today we should ask a question: for those under 60 who have had the first dose of Astrazeneca vaccine what should we do? I this question to whom should I ask? To an Army general or a doctor? We are in a situation in which I, the President of the Region, do not know who to ask the question, why this, which was the main task of the Italian state, was not respected. Do you think that we await the pronouncement of the Cts which is not competent to comment on vaccines. The competence is ofAifa. So, right now I should know from AIFA what we need to do with the Astrazeneca vaccine. After having told us in the previous months that it can be administered without age problems, now they are telling us that we are going back to giving the vaccine over 60 years. – he concludes – We had already decided independently, so we will administer only over 60 years. But a problem remains: citizens under 60 who took the first dose, what do they have to do as a second dose? And what should we Region do? To this question the answer should be given by the Ministry of Health, specifically AIFA. We are today in a situation of total confusion. We are waiting for the government, Aifa, not to tell the commissioner who has no competence on this plan, to tell the Regions what we should administer to those who have taken the first dose of Astrazeneca and must make the recall. We hope to have clear answers in the next few hours ”.

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