Pistoia, physiological solution instead of the vaccine: 6 cases discovered | New mistake in Tuscany, previously there had been overdoses

June 11, 2021 10:36 pm

All 36 people who received the serum will be subjected to blood tests to “find” the people involved

Only six non-immunized people, the other 30 let the ASL know they had no problems: but everyone will be offered a blood sample to be sure of identifying the non-vaccinated.

No health risks – Those who have received the physiological solution, explains the ASL, do not run any risk or have suffered any damage. The ASL will also activate the clinical risk team to carry out audits on the dynamics of the session and to analyze any weak points regarding the implementation of the vaccination procedure. From what explained an operator “has mistakenly diluted with physiological solution one of the vials already used, devoid of active principle. The dilution operation was carried out in compliance with the rules of sterility”.


“I am deeply sorry about what happened – the words of the dg Paolo Morello Marchese -. I would like to point out that none of the users risks damage to their health following the administration of physiological solution. The Usl Company, carried out the necessary laboratory investigations , will promptly take charge of carrying out a new vaccination cycle for the six citizens.

In Tuscany the other overdose errors – Earlier in Tuscany, in May, there had been two cases of vaccine overdose: two people, in a vaccination center in Massa and one in Livorno, had been given four doses instead of one of the vaccine.



Pistoia physiological solution vaccine cases discovered mistake Tuscany previously overdoses

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