Accessorize will keep its stores open

The Accessorize brand denies the closure of its offices and the consequent layoff of 70 employees.

“Hard period, but we will keep the shops open”: these are the words of the Accessorize brand.

In recent days, the closure of all the brand’s stores and the consequent loss of work for about 70 employees had been announced, but all has been denied.

Melite Italia, which manages Accessorize’s direct sales outlets in Italy and Milan, received an “irrevocable” offer that “will allow the stores to remain operational while keeping all the staff currently in charge of the open stores”.

The acquiring company also sent a hiring proposal “to all administrative staff”.

“The pandemic has put the whole sector in difficulty, and Accessorize has certainly not been excluded. Over the past 16 months, the brand has faced an extremely critical situation. “

“He made painful but necessary choices, closing some stores. Melite Italia reiterates its intention to safeguard and protect its employees in all respects. “


Accessorize stores open

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