Pavia, elderly woman found dead at home: grandson stopped | The aunt and the boy lived together, killed with 13 stab wounds

An upset town Landriano, a town in the Pavia area of ​​over 6,000 inhabitants on the border with the province of Milan. Everyone knew the victim, she was “the Gabriella”, the historic pharmacist. A 77-year-old woman still very active who, after the death of her husband (owner of a local pharmacy), had continued to carry out her profession by collaborating with a pharmacy in Via Larga in Milan. For this reason many have remembered her with emotion, after learning of the death of Gabriella Cusaro. According to the investigators, the killer is the nephew Andrea Cusaro, 26, who was arrested on this charge.

His aunt had welcomed him in an annex of the villa – The young man, who had been living with his aunt for about a year, was questioned by Valentina De Stefano, the deputy prosecutor of Pavia who is conducting the investigation. The 26-year-old, during the first investigations of the investigators, would have already admitted his responsibility for the death of his aunt Gabriella. Andrea Cusaro, they say in the village, is a boy who suffers from psychiatric problems. A year ago he left his family’s home, where he lived with his father, a farmer, and his mother, a pediatrician from the village. His aunt welcomed him, hosting him in an annex of her villa.

The assault after a high BAC night – Thursday evening Andrea was in a bar in Landriano (Pavia) with some acquaintances. The place closed at midnight due to a curfew. Andrea, who perhaps had drunk more than allowed, and was still out returning late at night. When he returned home, probably, there must have been a confrontation with his aunt, which resulted in the assault which proved fatal to the pharmacist.

Shortly after 5 am on Friday morning Andrea’s mother called 118. The Areu operators immediately arrived at the home of the elderly woman who was lifeless on the floor, with visible signs of 13 stab wounds on her head. . Maybe she was hit with a knife, but the murder weapon has yet to be found. The carabinieri arrived on the spot and carried out scientific surveys in the house. Andrea Cusaro was taken away around 1pm to be questioned by the magistrate. In the evening the announcement of the arrest.


Pavia elderly woman dead home grandson stopped aunt boy lived killed stab wounds

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