September, back to class with masks, swabs and vaccines. The unknown factor remains Dad-

September, back to class with masks, swabs and vaccines. The unknown factor remains Dad-
September, back to class with masks, swabs and vaccines. The unknown factor remains Dad-

General Figliuolo provided the first indications as soon as the lessons were finished: in September, Italian schools will still be accessed with the mask and the spacing of the desks will remain. The architrave of the school discourse, to reopen it in maximum safety in the presence, that of vaccination, then we will continue with the tracing and thinning, for this reason at the beginning of the next school year the mask will still be necessary together with further measures to mitigate the risks , he explained in a radio interview.

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Masks and spacing

As for the security measures, therefore, we must wait to actually understand what will remain in force. Much will depend on the progress of the infections and the vaccination campaign. But if the restrictions on distancing really remain (1 meter between the mouth rhymes that became famous last year, and two meters from the teacher’s desk), schools will also have to get additional classrooms this September: last year more than 20 thousand were missing, and this forced high school students to alternate Dad with face-to-face classes even during times when the virus seemed to give a respite. It is therefore likely that a partial (hopefully minimal) recourse to PC lessons is still necessary for high school students. Unless the CTS experts deem it possible to replace the distancing with a swab campaign, since in any case the people most at risk, the frail and teachers, will still be vaccinated, as well as some of the students

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So there remains the question of rapid or salivary swabs for students. It was talked about in April, but organizing the weekly monitoring system for students was too complicated in the short term. Instead, it is possible that – just to monitor the students, some of whom will not yet be vaccinated – it is possible to proceed with the tracing with salivary swabs for the little ones (certainly not vaccinated) and rapid swabs for the older ones. Civil protection technicians and the CTS are working on this scenario.

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