Ilva, after the first degree sentence Nichi Vendola returns to politics. And he attacks: “Media campaign parallel to the trial”

A few days ago he was sentenced in the first instance to three years and six months for concussion. Now Nichi Vendola announces his return to the political scene. Despite that ruling. Indeed, precisely because of that sentence. “I think the transfer of the trials from the courts to the talk shows and the consequent media pressure harm justice ”, argues the former governor of Puglia and leader of Left Ecology and Freedom. Who then takes it out on a “thirty years war between political power and judiciary“Which has” hurt our democracy, becoming the alibi that has effectively prevented one serious reform of politics and justice“.

The former governor, however, was not found guilty on television, but at the end of a first degree trial: he is challenged by the pressure on the then general manager of Arpa Puglia Giorgio Assennato to soften his hard line against the former Ilva. If Vendola had still been president of the Region he would have been suspended under the Severino law. But the former leader of Cell he has stepped aside since 2015, at the end of his second term. “The reason for my departure from the public scene is linked to the involvement, dramatic and unexpected for me, in the investigation into Ilva. In recent years I have chosen to defend myself in the trial and not in the trial, also renouncing to to react to political-media campaign which took place in parallel with the same ”, he explains in the same post on facebook with which he suggests the intention of wanting to return to the field. “While waiting for the justice completes its path, without ever escaping the critical scrutiny of the judicial authority, I take the floor again, returning from exile where I had chosen to stay ”, he writes on social media. “Even from the margins of the scene – he continues – I would like to continue to offer a point of view that derives from an inexhaustible political passion. I waited from Court of Taranto, after 8 years of trial, to be returned to this story and to the absolute correctness of my actions. This was not the case. I will await the outcome of the appeal with the same conviction. But unlike in past years I will not give up talking of the things that are most close to my heart“. Already after the sentence Vendola had attacked the judges of the trial: “I rebel against a justice that tramples on the truth,” he said.

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