Censorship, layoffs, sanctions: what will happen with the Zan law

Censorship, layoffs, sanctions: what will happen with the Zan law
Censorship, layoffs, sanctions: what will happen with the Zan law

The debate underway in the Senate Justice Committee on the Zan bill against theomotransphobia. So much so that Pd, M5S and Leu, who accuse the Northern League president Andrea Ostellari of obstruction, would like to close the game by bringing the text approved in the Chamber to the courtroom at Palazzo Madama, without further changes. Contrary to a forcing, however, Italia Viva, which would like to avoid splits within the government majority and asks for mediation.

The debate in the Senate

But even among the Renzians there are those who take the hard line, such as the Undersecretary of the Interior, Ivan Scalfarotto, which defines a “serious mistake dealing with the right on the Zan bill”. “Lega and Fdi just want to bury it”, he attacks. “On a subject like this – he is convinced – no form of compromise is possible”. “The rift is incurable: either you’re on one side or the other”. “I am convinced that dialogue is of great value, on the exacerbation of sanctions for aggressions that have the discrimination of homosexual people as their motive, there is room for agreement, if then someone has something to hide and wants to use this just delete the words mom and dad or put priests who read the Bible in jail for homophobia, as has happened in recent days in Great Britain, he said it openly “, is the reply of the Northern League senator, Simone Pillon, reached on the phone from Giornale.it.

In committee, Pillon claims, “a broad debate is being promoted involving civil society, including those linked to the left”. “We are listening to associations, experts in the legal, medical, psychiatric fields, legal philosophers, other than prejudices and stereotypes”, continues the senator. In fact, it is not only the Northern League, and the center-right in general, to raise concerns about the bill. Francesca Izzo, founder of the movement feminist “If not now, when?”, On Wednesday in the Justice Committee he emphasized some “problematic issues”. Among these are the “choice to adopt gender identities to refer to transsexuals” and the nullification of “sexual difference”.

The criticisms of the Zan Ddl

In particular, the articles targeted are number 1, number 4 and number 7. The first, clears customs a concept considered by many to be critical, such as that of “gender identity“, understood as” perceived and manifested identification of oneself in relation to gender, even if it does not correspond to sex, regardless of having completed a transition path. “For the critics of the bill, moreover, article 4 would open to a possible “crime of opinion” for those ideas considered “discriminatory”, while Article 7 is defined as a Trojan horse to bring “gender ideology into schools” through the initiatives for the National Day against homophobia, lesbophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

The topic of the possible consequences in society of the approval of the Zan Bill was at the center of a press conference in the Senate in which the Pro Vita e Famiglia association presented a report on “violations of fundamental freedoms caused by homotransphobia laws”, which was also attended by senators Pillon, Lucio Malan, of Forza Italia, and Isabella Rauti, of FdI.

The dossier on the effects of the laws on homotransphobia

“In many of the countries where laws such as the Zan Ddl are in force, we have witnessed the compression of these freedoms”, explained the vice-president of the association, Jacopo Coghe. “In the text of this bill – he continues – there is no clarity on what it will be legitimate to say and what not, it will still be possible to campaign to say no touterus for rent and adoptions for gays, or will we risk a complaint? “.

The dossier documents dozens and dozens of incidents of censorship: from the case of Sylviane Agacinski, a French philosopher and feminist expelled from university for opposing the rented uterus, to that of Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, spokesperson for the UK midwives, forced to resign from his post for stating that “only women give birth”. For expressing the same point, Jenny Klinge, a Norwegian MP, was sued. It went no better for a woman than in Great Britain, she was arrested for referring to a trans according to his biological sex. The episodes recorded in the report are many. In Italy too, in recent years, entrepreneurs such as Guido Barilla, the showgirl Lorella Cuccarini, the current Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia, and even the stylists Dolce and Gabbana have been accused of “homophobia”.

“This approach hurts children and young people, who assures us that those who refuse to let their children participate in the projects to promote ‘respect and inclusion’ promoted by the Zan bill are not pointed out as homophobic?”, He protests Maria Rachele Ruiu, of the same association. “If Article 7 does not serve to enter schools to indoctrinate children, – the activist continues – why has an amendment for informed consent from parents been rejected? What do you have to teach my children that I cannot know? ? “.

The last problematic case mentioned by the activists is that of the gender guidelines issued by the Lazio Regional School Office and immediately removed, which among the sources cited the Zan Bill. The document on “intervention strategies and promotion of the well-being of children and adolescents with gender variance” also included the possibility of setting up bathrooms gender neutral and the possibility for students to change their name on the register according to their perception, even without the knowledge of their parents.

“This law touches the reality of everyone, children, students, but also entrepreneurs, who would end up with the political police in the company: if someone claimed anything associated with their gender identity, they would have the better of the others”, protests Senator Malan. , convinced that today, in Italy, the homosexuals are not discriminated against. Not even for Isabella Rauti, of Giorgia Meloni’s party, would there be “legislative gaps to be filled” in this sense. Rather. The bill would have a “threatening scope with respect to freedom of opinion”, leaving a “very high discretion to the judge”.

“Probably – he observes – most of the things we are saying here today would be punishable”. “This Ddl – Rauti attacks – does not want to fight discrimination but to punish those who do not align themselves with the ideological fury of those who want to impose gender culture on us”. “I – she claims – am convinced that a child needs a mother and a father, I am against adoptions for gay couples and for rented wombs, and I think that even those who disagree with the zan bill should continue to have the freedom to say and think about it “.

Meanwhile, the game for the approval of the bill at Palazzo Madama remains open. “The left is divided in words but it is not known what will happen when it comes to voting,” said Senator Pillon. “In the meantime, – he adds – unlike what happened in the Chamber, where times were limited and amendments were cut, here we are making a debate broad and thorough, thanks to which more and more senators are becoming aware of what the Zan Bill really represents “.

So much so that, assures the League, “more than one colleague of center left, in private, he assured me that he will refuse to vote for it precisely because of its ideological aspects that are considered unacceptable “.

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