Future District in Tor di Nona, terms of the call extended

Future District in Tor di Nona, terms of the call extended
Future District in Tor di Nona, terms of the call extended
For the assignment of training services and protection of artistic craftsmanship.

Drafting – June 11, 2021

The terms of the call for tenders have been postponed by 10 days for the granting of 30 training services, transmission of knowledge, protection and development of Roman artistic craftsmanship of high cultural value aimed at students of artistic disciplines in as many properties of the heritage of Rome Capital in Tor di Nona in the historic center.

Considering the high number of requests for inspections in the premises under concession, the Department of Economic Development and Labor has deemed it appropriate to extend the date for submitting applications for participation in the public procedure aimed at defining a merit ranking of master craftsmen who will be able to to pass on their knowledge and skills in the premises between via dell’Arco di Parma and vicolo degli Amatriciani that the Capitoline Administration intends to redevelop and enhance, creating new professional paths in the sector of artistic craftsmanship.

Bespoke clothing, leather, leather goods and upholstery, decorations, photography, reproduction of drawings and painting, wood and the like, common metals, precious metals, precious stones, semi-precious stones and related processes, musical instruments, weaving, embroidery, glass, ceramics, stone , paper, restoration, production and repair of watches are the admitted sectors foreseen in the announcement.

Applications may be made for a maximum of two sectors, but only one concession with a duration of six years will be awarded, with the possibility of renewal.

The owners of the “Historical Shops” and “Historical Shops of Excellence”, given the historical, cultural and social value of these activities, will have priority in the instrumental assignment of the properties included in the project and legitimately already owned by the same at the date of publication and of the award of the tender.

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