Abnormal clods on the ground “Saman’s corpse under the watermelon greenhouse”

Abnormal clods on the ground “Saman’s corpse under the watermelon greenhouse”
Abnormal clods on the ground “Saman’s corpse under the watermelon greenhouse”

Day of “data analysts” yesterday for the Reggio Emilia carabinieri investigating the disappearance of Saman, the 18-year-old Pakistani woman killed by a family conspiracy.

The “data” in question are those provided by the electromagnetometer, that is the instrument with which the technicians of the weapon have been scanning the greenhouse field for days where they fear that the murderers of the young woman have buried her remains. A technical check that ascertained a series of “anomalous” clods and soil removals compatible with the attempt to conceal an entire or sectioned body. Since the night of April 30, the girl has lost track and so far any attempt to reconstruct the phases of the probable murder have been in vain.

Saman’s remains perhaps lie under one of the many tents of the Novellara farm where the victim’s father and one of the two cousins ​​involved in the crime worked. At the record of the investigation, in addition to a series of terrible wiretaps, there is a key video: the one in which Saman’s uncle and two of his nephews can be seen heading towards the countryside with a shovel, a crowbar in their hands. and a bucket with various plastic bags inside. Were the trio going to conceal Saman’s corpse? Or is it an incomprehensible attempt at misdirection, considering that the three suspects were perfectly aware of the security camera that was filming them. One of them is Ikram Ijaz, 28, Saman’s cousin in prison since yesterday after his extradition to Italy from France where he was arrested on 29 May.

On the other hand, Saman’s other relatives are still fugitives (his parents, who took refuge in Pakistan, as well as his uncle and another cousin, both untraceable) involved in what investigators believe was a murder motivated by “religious reasons”. The 18-year-old refused to accept the “arranged marriage” decided for her. And that was enough to sanction his death sentence.

The father and mother of the girl “rebellious” to the violent dictates of the most fundamentalist Islam would therefore have turned to an “unscrupulous” uncle to “carry out the execution”. The uncle, according to the hypothesis of the Prosecutor’s Office (which proceeds against the five defendants for murder and concealment of bodies), would have strangled the niece with the complicity of the two nephews, making her body disappear. A few days before the drama, Saman confessed to her boyfriend that he had overheard a telephone conversation from his mother who said: “Now this is the only solution”; that is, to kill the daughter. Version also confirmed by Saman’s younger brother who told the investigators a series of circumstances that support the plan to eliminate the young woman, “guilty” of not behaving as a “good Muslim”.

Today in prison he will be interrogated by prosecutor Ikram Ijazil. He surely knows what happened to Saman’s remains. Yesterday he said he was “willing to cooperate”. Let’s hope it’s true.


Abnormal clods ground Samans corpse watermelon greenhouse

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