Bonomi: “Italy-France, common interests on the European front”

Bonomi: “Italy-France, common interests on the European front”
Bonomi: “Italy-France, common interests on the European front”

«In these 2 days I believe the importance of our formula has emerged, of the common interests we have on the European front, based on industry. In this way we can respond to the new challenges of growth and inclusion ». This was underlined by Carlo Bonomi, president of Confindustria, at the end of the Third Confindustria-Medef economic forum. “We can count on an important ‘astral conjunction’, the partnership between our two countries is strengthening thanks to the axis that has been formed between Draghi and Macron”. Bonomi continued.

Sectors: from automotive to space

The president of Confindustria reiterated the willingness of the companies to work together as sanctioned by the joint declaration signed with the colleague of the French industries, Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux. Two are the most important sectors: automotive and aerospace. “The recent birth of Stellantis is a driving force for common innovation but which must be extended to the entire supply chain and not concentrated on the two companies also to face the challenges on international markets”, explains Bonomi looking at the importance of “involving two governments “. On the aerospace, however, there is a common project to be strengthened given that France and Italy boast world excellence ».


Signed a document in ten points

«To speed up the recovery, the watchword is trust. Our entrepreneurs are committed to investing and innovating. Instead, it is up to our two governments to send a strong signal to citizens and businesses, both from an economic and a health point of view, ”concluded Bonomi. The third Confindustria-Medef Economic Forum, two days of wide-ranging meetings to define a common strategy on the next challenges and the next opportunities designed by the plans of resistance and resilience, closed with a joint declaration. Ten points of the joint program signed by presidents Carlo Bonomi and Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, from employment to the digital transition, from structural reforms to climate change, which in any case can only recall in the introduction how, “aware of their responsibilities”, Italian entrepreneurs and the French have made “every possible effort to ensure the functioning of the economies.”

The priorities: from the vaccination campaign to an EU cloud

The Italian and French ‘confindustries’ are now asking for “an exceptional effort” on the financing of innovation, bureaucratic simplification, speed in the disbursement of EU funds. The joint declaration warns that “the next few months will be decisive”, that the projects of the Next Generation Eu plan must now be “implemented without delay”. In focusing on ten key points, the industrialists of the two countries invoke, among other things, “a strong emphasis on structural reforms” envisaged by the NRPs, and attention to the “social dimension” because “it is essential to support inclusion and employability of workers and job seekers ”. Among the priorities indicated by the Italian and French industrialists, who in this phase on the front of the Covid emergency “invite the two Governments to further intensify the vaccination campaign”, and now consider “indispensable” a “gradual lifting of the restrictive measures” and ” in a coordinated way “in the various European countries,” the urgency of a European cloud, the development of digital skills to meet the needs of the labor market and the balance to be found between climate challenges and the productivity needs of businesses “. Meanwhile, the two industrial associations are looking at the ‘opportunity’ for comparison offered by the next B20, the business forum on the occasion of the G20, and meet for the next Confindustria-Medef bilateral economic forum, an annual appointment, in Paris in autumn 2022. .

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