Turin: perhaps an arranged marriage behind the murder of the dishwasher. The killer arrested

The killer of the young dishwasher from Bangladesh who was beheaded Tuesday evening in an apartment in Turin was arrested by the police. It is a fellow countryman who, according to what some members of the Bengali community told the investigators, allegedly contracted a debt of 1200 euros with the victim which was used to cover travel expenses to organize an arranged marriage at home, but at the last it had jumped and he was no longer able to pay back the amount of money. At 15 the arrested will be heard by the investigators.

The killer entered with the intention of killing. Those who had lent the money to Mohammad Ibrahim, a 25-year-old dishwasher, wanted it back but the pandemic had stopped him without a salary for a long time and he had not yet managed to raise that sum.

The privileged track

This is the main lead followed by the police to seek the reason for a revenge consummated with an impressive determination: the Bengali was stabbed in the neck and then completely slaughtered with a sharp blow, once he was dead. There was blood everywhere in the small apartment in corso Francia 95, in Turin, when the roommate came home at midnight after an evening of work. Impressed by the scene, he looked out over the kitchenette but saw nothing, only the pot on the stove turned off with the dinner ready and never eaten. A few steps and in the other room, the only one in the house, where you sleep on a mattress pulled down in the evening and leaning against the wall in the morning, there was the boy’s body and his head rolled not far away.

The entrance hall of the palace theater of the heinous crime (ansa)

Beheaded in the bedroom

Immediately the roommate, shocked by what he had seen, called other friends, who arrived even before the police. And for the men of the mobile squad, led by Luigi Mitola, the first obstacle was to take fingerprints and seize the shoes of all those who had polluted the crime scene. A large knife was also found on the spot and by comparing the blade with the wounds it will be necessary to verify whether it is the one that was used for the crime. At that point, once the investigations by the Forensic Department started, the investigations coordinated by the prosecutor Valentina Sellaroli accelerated. Several people were heard until late in the evening to understand what could have been the reason for so much violence against a boy who, apparently, had no reason to be killed. And among the pieces of the story heard by one and the other, what could be the motive and hence the name of the killer emerged.

On the trail of the killer

Mohammad Ibrahim had arrived in Italy in 2014. In Bangladesh he had a wife and was expecting the birth of a child. Here he had found a job as a dishwasher in the Donna Margherita pizzeria in Collegno, where his roommate also works. “He came home twice during the lockdown because there was no work here,” friends said. And there may be these trips at the origin of the crime. According to reports from some Bengalis, the young man did was borrowed 1200 euror to organize an arranged marriage which, however, was canceled at the last minute by the bride’s mother because, apparently, the city of origin of the groom was too far, over a thousand kilometers. Skip the wedding, the debt still had to be honored. But the dishwasher hadn’t been able to raise that money.

The other evening was his day off and around seven he said goodbye to the roommate who was going to work at the restaurant. The murder must have happened shortly after. In the hall of the building there is a camera and the investigators viewed the footage of the other night even if at the moment they were not very useful: the images are not clear and it is not easy to recognize the faces of those who passed back and forth through the door the other night, but perhaps some however, elements could be useful when ascertaining the identity of the suspects of the crime.

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