“Mancini’s great job, we can do very well”

“Mancini’s great job, we can do very well”
“Mancini’s great job, we can do very well”

There are a few more than 24 hours left for the start of the European Championship. The inaugural race of the Stadio Olimpico will see the Azzurri challenge Turkey and Alessandro Nesta will also be at the stadium. The former Lazio and Milan defender, now coach, spoke to the microphones of the Gazzetta dello Sport to analyze the possible path of the Azzurri during Euro2021. Here are his words:

Nesta on Mancini

«I wish him great good luck for the European Championship … He has a strong personality and he is cold but I think he will get excited».

Nesta on Totti

«Totti and I represent the two parts of the capital, when Lazio and Rome fought for the Scudetto. We used to see each other in midfield as captains, now we’ll go with a jacket: it’s also nice like that ».

Nesta su Mourinho and Sarri

«After Roma took Mou, Lazio responded with Sarri. A lower profile could not have come after Inzaghi ».

Nesta on Italy

«The Azzurri have always been able to do everything and the opposite of everything. In 2006 we won the World Cup even though we may not have been the strongest. Other times we were favorites and we were eliminated. I am sure that Italy will do very well. It’s a good team ».


Mancinis great job

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