underage bullies reported – Corriere.it

underage bullies reported – Corriere.it
underage bullies reported – Corriere.it

When the bus driver asked them – a group of 17-year-old kids – to behave properly on board the transport, they started insulting and mistreating him. Someone spit on him and a 17-year-old girl even called the police accusing the innocent driver of putting his hands on her to groped her. In the end, the agents reconstructed the story and denounced the group of bullies, including the girl who was referred to the Brescia Juvenile Court for slandering the driver: her version of events was in fact pure invention.

The incident occurred last Saturday afternoon on board one of the buses traveling along the streets of Mantua. On the occasion, in fact, the police intervened once the vehicle had reached the terminus, in front of the railway station in piazzale Don Leoni. The 17-year-old according to whose story the driver had just touched her backside was the one calling the agents. Once the agents arrived on the scene, however, the story was completely reversed. The bus driver, in fact, explained that the group – the 17-year-old and seven other friends – had behaved rude and unsuitable even towards the other passengers along the entire journey. Then in response to the calls of the driver, the group began to rant heavily at the driver by insulting him, threatening him and making him the object of spitting.

Furthermore, at the stop the young people would also have blocked the doors of the vehicle for a few seconds, preventing other passengers from getting off. The whole version of the driver was then confirmed by one of the bus users who had witnessed the scene. In the end, the group of 17-year-olds, almost all with precedents for beatings, threats, injuries and more, was reported for interruption of public service. The girl was also reported to the Juvenile Court and the social services were notified. Now the driver, in the light of what happened, could also file a complaint against young bullies.

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underage bullies reported Corriereit

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