Green pass, away in the EU but Italy late (and tourism pays). Greece, Croatia and Spain ready

Green pass, away in the EU but Italy late (and tourism pays). Greece, Croatia and Spain ready
Green pass, away in the EU but Italy late (and tourism pays). Greece, Croatia and Spain ready

ROMA One million European citizens have already obtained the EU’s Digital Covid Certificate. However, there is no Italian among them. Yes, because the so-called green pass of the Union, which has just received the important green light from the European Parliament, has not completed the test phase in Italy. Unlike what has already happened in nine countries of the Old Continent. Among which, however, also include Spain, Greece and Croatia, or three of the main competitors in tourism for Italy (the others are Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania and Poland).

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Protests from tour operators – And if it is true that the pass will only be active starting from July 1st for everyone, it is also true that this delay creates confusion for foreign travelers who plan to book their holidays in the Peninsula in July and, by consulting the official directions available on our ministerial portals, there is no trace of the EU green pass. It is therefore no coincidence that tour operators have already started to protest. And it is not even if this confusion is added to that denounced by the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia and president of the State-Regions Conference Massimiliano Fedriga: “On the Green pass we are asking for clarity on applicability because today there is no European and we must give certainties to certain categories – he explained yesterday – I am thinking for example of the wedding which is a sector already devastated by the pandemic ».

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The objectives

In practice, at the moment, the goal of having the EU digital certificate available as early as June 15 would seem to have been missed. Time horizon indicated by Mario Draghi last May 25, during a press conference held on the sidelines of the European Council.
The Italian delay in the testing phase is also highlighted by the EU itself which places the Peninsula among the countries “technically connected” to the platform that allows the databases of the 27 to communicate with each other, but still not able to “issue certification”. In other words: the coveted community document that allows you to travel between EU countries without having to undergo quarantines or tampons if you are vaccinated or cured of Covid, in Italy there is still not. And the Ministry of Health, which is dealing with the latest tests, for now is limited to saying that “in days there will be news”. At the moment, therefore, we must be satisfied with the news coming from Brussels where, in fact, with the vote in Parliament on Tuesday and the approval of yesterday morning, the practice is almost unblocked (on a formal level there is a last step in the Council). In reality, however, although some details on the functioning of the pass have also been disclosed, doubts remain that risk making the situation even more chaotic.

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But let’s go in order. Vaccinated people (from the 14th day after vaccination), those recovered from Covid and people in possession of a negative report for a molecular test to be carried out 72 hours before the move will have access to the certification. However, if it has been defined that the pass will last 6 months for the recovered and 9 for the vaccinated, there is no single line of thought with respect to the first or second dose. In practice, the individual countries will decide whether to obtain the vaccine passport it will be enough to have received the first dose (as Italy does also for the national certificate) or if it is necessary to have completed the vaccination cycle. Soon to tell. However, the functioning of the pass is less uncertain. Assuming that it will be the responsibility of the health authorities to update the databases (for which the body that vaccinates or certifies recovery, or the laboratory or pharmacy that carries out the tests), the certification will consist of a Qr code and will have two possible formats: one digital and paper. In the second, however, it will be necessary to ask the structure in question to send its certification. In the first case, in Italy, the pass will be loaded on the Io app or on Immuni (a function which, due to the Italian delay, is not yet available) and therefore it will be necessary to have the Spid digital identity or an electronic identification document.
A modality, the latter, which it would be essential to implement immediately to extend the use of the pass perhaps to discos (as requested by the managers) or also to other activities that are subject to limitations (cinemas and theaters for example). But this, despite the autonomous province of Trento already doing it with the Coronapass app – and Campania too would be ready thanks to a card sent to vaccinated citizens – seems like a mirage. Especially after the hard fist of the Privacy Guarantor who after having ordered a first halt to the Campania initiative also imposed the stop of the Mitiga app which set itself the goal of bringing people back to the stadiums or events.

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