Foibe, Shoah, Miss Hitler: Milan resist, oppose the chaos, give the line

Foibe, Shoah, Miss Hitler: Milan resist, oppose the chaos, give the line
Foibe, Shoah, Miss Hitler: Milan resist, oppose the chaos, give the line

Monuments say what unites and what separates. Milan has dealt with the horrors of the sinkholes and the unspeakable of the Shoah. In 2020 he dedicated a large stele to the martyrs of the killings of Tito and to the Italians of the Julian-Dalmatian lands reduced to refugees, humiliated by a stepmother homeland for bad conscience, fearfulness, convenience. It stands in Piazza della Repubblica. A little further on, a Memorial imposes the incurable wound of the Shoah. It is Track 21, at the Centrale; from there the cattle wagons full of Jews, partisans, politicians headed for Auschwitz and in the other hells of annihilation of the human.

Foibe and Shoah are included in war crimes, but they have a different nature: equating them is a crime against history as well as an error. On the eastern border, Tito’s communists committed brutal massacres and persecuted the Italians in the name of ferocious ethnic cleansing: the height of one of the bloodiest war between countries and armies that had been facing each other for years.

The Shoah is totally different: on the one hand the Nazi regime, on the other a defenseless people of which philosophy, society, politics, culture, arts are interwoven: the Jews. The first had the sinister arrogance to dare the never before thought: “final solution”, extermination of the Jewish people. This had only one thing: his humanity.

Now, in the Senate, Brothers of Italy, with the intention of punishing denials, try to compare sinkholes and Shoah. The operation is dangerous: homologous Nazism and Communism; in the paciugo it makes crimes indistinct; customs clearance of sovereignties; he underestimates the neo-Nazi regurgitation by reducing a certain threatening hate propaganda to nostalgia for small groups or impromptuness (investigations have revealed a Milanese Miss Hitler!).

Firm between Piazza della Repubblica and Binario 21 Milan, Gold Medal of the Resistance, hold on again! The political representativeness of the City Council has a start, send the Senate a clear message: the Next Generation Eu it needs economic interventions, but also vigilance so that the terrible identity of absolute evil reaches young people. Knowing it, making an unequivocal memory of it immunizes us from ominous repetitions: latent, insidious, disturbing.


Foibe Shoah Hitler Milan resist oppose chaos give line

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