“Dead or alive, I’m not giving up until we find him”

“Dead or alive, I’m not giving up until we find him”
“Dead or alive, I’m not giving up until we find him”

Daniele Potenzoni disappeared a Roma exactly six years ago. It was in fact the June 10, 2015 when the then 36-year-old Milanese, suffering from autism and disability, disappeared into thin air during a visit to Pope Francis for an audience in the Vatican.

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In the study of ‘Who has seen?‘, once again, is back dad Franco. In him there is all the strength of a parent who, despite being destroyed by suffering and anger, does not want to surrender. Daniele Potenzoni, who would be 42 today, was in Roma to attend an audience with the Pope, together with three companions and a volunteer. It was a public transport strike day and at Termini Stationdue to the overcrowding caused by the small number of trains in service, the escorts had asked everyone to get off and wait for the next one. Since that moment, however, nothing has been known about Daniele. Probably, the young man from Pantigliate (Milan) had remained on board the train.

“Beyond the fact that those who accompanied him did not manage that situation well, I remain convinced that my son has not been sought after as it should be” – has explained Franco Potenzoni in the studio of ‘Who has seen?‘- «I am convinced that my son is alive and held prisoner, forced to work in the countryside. Daniele is a good boy, he is not even able to rebel. And in any case, until I find him, dead or alive, I won’t give up».

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