30 years since the seventh Italian Cup

30 years since the seventh Italian Cup
30 years since the seventh Italian Cup

Giovanni Cervone: goalkeeper born in Brusciano, in Campania. He defended the Roma goal for eight seasons. He certainly did not lack personality and technical skills, when he went out he raised his knee to intimidate his opponents, at times he lacked for continuity. But he was a worthy successor to Franco Tancredi. 246 appearances between 1989 and 1997.

Stefano Pellegrini: only namesake of the other Stefano Pellegrini, who scored the first goal in the Giallorossi history in the UEFA Cup against Dunav Ruse in 1975 and played as a forward. He was a defender and was the third of three soccer brothers after Luca and Davide. He begins the action that leads to Voeller’s goal in the second leg of the UEFA Cup against Broendby. 71 appearances, 1 goal.

Amedeo Carboni: left-back pushing, not flawless in the solution to the cross from the bottom for the attackers, but precious in the two phases. In the 1996-1997 season he was also designated captain of Roma after Giannini’s departure. 230 appearances, 4 goals from 1990 to 1997.

Aldair Nascimento Santos: among the best defenders in the history of football and, of course, in the history of Roma. A slouching gait, excellent technique, a sense of spatial anticipation. A top player in the power plant category. 13 years of belonging to Rome. 436 games, 20 goals.

Manuel Gerolin: dynamic midfielder, willing to sacrifice and versatility, when needed with the vice of goals. Example: the double in the UEFA Cup in the first leg of the round of 16, in the 5-0 final against Bordeaux. Six seasons in the Giallorossi, from 1985 to 1991. 194 appearances, 9 goals.

Sebino Nela: the only player in the history of Rome to have played in two European finals. In 1984 in the European Cup with Liverpool, in 1991 with Inter. But, above all, champion of Italy in Liedholm’s Rome in 1982-83. Grim defender, fast and powerful, he started as a full-back and ended his career as a central. 397 appearances, 19 goals.

Stefano Desideri: strong midfielder, number 7 of Roma in the early 90s in the imagination of young fans, gifted with a great shot from distance. The winning goal in the match against Broendby was born from his conclusion from the edge. Romano, left the Giallorossi youth sector. 190 appearances, 32 goals.

Fabrizio Di Mauro: quality median, number 8 often on the shoulders, often played with white bands on the ankles. He too – like Desideri – an expression of the Romanist nursery. 132 appearances, 9 goals. PS Too bad for the 1993-94 season spent in Lazio.

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