School competition, those who do not pass it will be able to participate in the next one: towards the cancellation of the provision of the bis support decree

The rule currently contained in the support decree bis which makes it impossible for those who fail the school competition to participate in the subsequent procedure will certainly be canceled. This is confirmed by the Undersecretary for Education Rossano Sasso, who spoke during the special of Orizzonte Scuola TV dedicated to the support decree bis and to school issues.

We will also remove that absurd paragraph which provided for the impossibility of participating in the next competition if you are rejected“, Explains the deputy of the League during his speech. In fact, this is one of the most controversial points since the approval of the text of the support decree bis.

According to the current provisions of the Sostegni Bis Decree, candidates who do not pass the tests cannot submit an application to participate in the subsequent competition procedure for the same class of competition or type of position for which they have not passed the tests.

It is therefore a point of precise political convergence, given that the rule was not liked by any of the political forces.

Precari, Sasso: “To get to 70 thousand new entries, hire second-tier teachers. Return to the dual channel ” [VIDEO]


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