“Return to Caput Mundi with competence and vision”

“Return to Caput Mundi with competence and vision”
“Return to Caput Mundi with competence and vision”

The catchphrase had lasted too long and was not a good show for Rome. But now, finally, the center-right candidate for the Capitol is there: and he is the lawyer Enrico Michetti. The leaders agreed, and Michetti – contract professor of Public Law and Administrative Innovation at the University of Cassino since 2014 and founder and director of the Administrative Gazette – rejoices. “I’m ready to take off with momentum,” he says as he is bombarded with phone calls, greetings, encouragement. “They are calling me ordinary people in love with Rome as much as I am, many colleagues and many politicians.”

Mayor of Rome, who is Enrico Michetti, the center-right candidate

Michetti, competence is the primary need, the absolute necessity to give back to the capital the weight it deserves. Do you think you have the competence for such an important task as that of the mayor of Rome, if he were to win the elections?
“Over the past 25 years, I have dealt with complex procedures in municipalities and municipal administrations: economic disruptions, regulatory plans, expropriations, technical functioning of offices and everything else concerning cities and their problems. I took care of everything technically. The technical knowledge of the problems and the application and study to solve the problems of citizenship are the abc of competence, the sine qua non. I have expertise in the field ».

Along with competence, doesn’t Rome also need a vision?
“Of course. Competence more vision, competence more passion, competence more honesty. Thus, with an extremely varied and attentive mix, the large and small issues that affect the lives of citizens are resolved. Ideology must be left outside the door of good administration. Of course, everyone has their own ideology, or rather their own set of political ideas. And all of them must be respected. But the professional attitude must be placed at the center of the scene to lead a great metropolis like Rome. This capital needs a climate of pacification. The hatreds and divisions that are often prejudicial damage its good functioning. Which must be the crucial value of the next administrative season in Rome. We have to create a new city all together. Confronting us on projects. The past is outdated, and we are of little interest. Now we have to look at the present and the future ».

But do you have a program? Can you explain it to us in detail?
«We are preparing it. We will talk more about it in the coming weeks ».

Did you at least identify priorities?
“Of course. Safety, decorum and urban hygiene, waste, transport. And again: the bureaucracy must be simplified. It is essential to work in staff training. And take away from the municipal leaders the fear of signing documents. It helps to overcome this fear, unfortunately paralyzing and harmful to the good life of citizens, by improving the training of municipal managers and employees and giving them more assistance in complex procedures ».

However, his critics say that Michetti is a little known character. How do you respond?
«They know me both on a popular level, thanks to my activity on Radio Radio, and on an academic and scientific level for my studies and consultancy. And anyway, if there are those who think that Rome needs a star, they are wrong. He needs a person who has applied himself so far to the problems of cities, who has a curriculum and recognition in this field and who knows how to work as a team ».

You will team up with Judge Matone. Do you know her?
“Not directly, but I appreciate you for your speeches on TV and in other venues. She is a woman of great prestige and quality. We just spoke to each other and they are both very motivated. I am very happy with the ticket. We will team up. And there won’t be just one ticket. But we will select the best in this city both inside and outside the party world. And we will involve them in our project ».

So will the parties still be protagonists?
«We need everyone’s contribution. And I thank, in addition to Matone for his availability, the center-right who gave me confidence. Politics plays a fundamental role in the relationship with the city. It is like the cartilage in the knees: it is that transmission channel that is always open between the citizen and the correct exercise of power. A sound policy knows how to interpret citizens’ needs with sensitivity and provides the tools to be able to achieve the objectives ».

The civic energies in Rome are in sleep. How to awaken them?
«You have to make them passionate about a very pragmatic dream. Ours is to give back to the Eternal City the role of Caput Mundi. In this sense, the Jubilee must be planned and planned with the utmost attention ”.

Do you already have any ideas?
«First of all, the sense of participation of both citizens and the productive world must be aroused. Rome thrives on great events. And Rome will be at the center of the international stage in 2025 and in the years close to the Jubilee. International leaders will come, there will be massive tourist flows and we will have to live up to this great opportunity. Rome must be given back, with modernity and great innovation, the strength that has always belonged to it ».

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