In Italy 30 thousand illegal or falsified drugs seized

In Italy 30 thousand illegal or falsified drugs seized
In Italy 30 thousand illegal or falsified drugs seized

Wednesday 9 June 2021 – 16:35

In Italy 30 thousand illegal or falsified drugs seized

The budget of the “Pangea XIV” operation

Rome, June 9 (askanews) – About 30 thousand units of illegal and falsified drugs, for an estimated value of about 100 thousand euros, were seized in Italy between 18 and 25 May as part of the XIV edition of PANGEA, the international operation aimed at countering the marketing of illegal or falsified medicines and medical devices sold online.

The Interpol operation, coordinated for Italy by the International Police Cooperation Service of the Central Directorate of Criminal Police, saw the participation of 55 countries worldwide. The joint effort of customs, regulatory and police authorities has led, globally, to the seizure of more than 9 million drugs and medical devices, the closure of 113,000 illegal websites and the arrest of a considerable number of subjects involved in the trafficking of medicines potentially harmful to health.

In Italy, the control activities were carried out at the major airport hubs of the Express Couriers and the Post Office, due to the high number of shipments to which they are addressed. Joint checks were carried out at these hubs by “mixed teams” made up of ADM personnel and military personnel from the NAS Carabinieri Units, assisted by the Investigations Office of the ADM Anti-Fraud Directorate and the AIFA Carabinieri-NAS Unit, with the support of Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA).

The operation made it possible to identify emerging trends, such as those concerning both illegal shipments of drugs from Singapore, and shipments of traditional Chinese medicine drugs used for the treatment of Covid-19, presumably destined for Asian communities residing in Italy. In these cases, INTERPOL’s intervention was particularly significant, thanks to the speed with which it was possible to share information on an intercontinental level.

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Italy thousand illegal falsified drugs seized

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